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    EA FIFA Apps, 2011-2013 for

    I'm just now getting into the FIFA apps for the iphone. Late to the game, yes. For those who have mastered it, tell me this for all three (2011, 2012, 2013) apps: is there an international cup, how many games do you have to play to win a trophy in manager mode and how do you make subs?
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    PES 2013 app

    Anybody know when Pro Evolution Soccer 13 will come out as an app? Anbody have the 2011 app and is it better than 2012?
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    Thumb Drive or External Hard Drive

    Thank you for the replies and not making me feel like an idiot for not knowing this kind of stuff. I'll see what's out there with all this in mind. Thanks.
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    Thumb Drive or External Hard Drive

    Okay, so could I store itunes and my music collection on a thumb(flash) drive. I have more than 5,000 songs and expect that to be expanding. Or, is it more worth the money to get a hard drive? I'm thinking that it probably might be. But how much does 500 GB hold in terms of music? As you...
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    Thumb Drive or External Hard Drive

    What's the difference between the two? I'm running low on space on my c drive and need to put my music files/itunes somewhere else. Recommendations? Would like to spend less than $100 and get a good size of storage space.
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    EA World Cup 2010 App

    I could have sworn that I once had (bough) the 2010 World Cup App from EA Sports for ipod touch 2g. Would love to play it again, but can't find it my "purchases" from itunes and now EA no longer sells it as an app. Ripoff! Is there a place on the web to still buy older apps for older devices?
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    World Soccer (Football) Question

    Okay, just for fun, what teams would like to see paired up against each other. This isn't meant to be reality, I'm talking like Mexico City plays Moscow, Stoke plays Tokoyo, etc.
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    downloading music

    I don't understand how downloading new music from sites like New Album Releaes is legal. How does that not qualfiy as stealing music? I appreciate that website, but I just want to know where the legal line has been drawn on this sort of thing. Someone explain please.
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    youtube downloader

    what's the best and free thing to use if you want to download youtube videos and make them mp4s?
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    World Soccer (Football) Question

    I like soccer, but living in a place where it's not as popular as elsewhere in the world, this question will come off as stupid to many. I was curious if there's a website (I can't find one) that shows international soccer league friendlies, such as Liverpool versus Celtic, Milan versus LA...
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    jailbreaking an ipod touch 2g

    Is it worth it? I have never done anything like it mainly because reading the guidelines of how to do it just make me confused and concerned that the ipod won't work properly if it is jailbroken. Let's say I do it...does it essentially mean that i can apps that are avialble for newer ipod...
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    wet ipod touch. help!

    A few minutes ago, my beloved ipod touch slipped from my hands and into a sink of water. Totally wet but I quickly dried it off. I'm afraid I did the stupid thing of trying to turn it back on for a split second, however. It's now in a bag covered with white rice. How long do you have to wait...
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    X2 Football 10/11 app

    Sorry if wrong place to post, but does anyone play the x2 football 10/11 app. very addicting soccer game, but how do i play in the english, scottish, etc. leagues?
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    Best soccer game app and other sports games apps

    What's the best soccer game app for an old school ipod touch, 2 generation. What about other games like tennis and swimming, any good ones available?
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    shit, dropped my ipod nano...

    i have tried to those buttons mentioned down and the screen with the apple appears for a mili second, then it's the lower battery screen. when i plug into the computer, the "connected eject before disconnecting" comes on and stays forever. how do you do i force a reboot? thanks in advance...