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  • Hi, I moved your thread (EA World Cup 2010 App) to the Technologicalized section, you can find it here.
    Hi. I saw that you asked about watching footie. There is a web site called Live Soccer TV. It lists matches being shown and what channels are showing them. They also have links to watch on line.
    As a fellow Coldplayer I hope you can help me out a little by watching my promo video? It can be found on my Facebook page/just press play -

    Thanks for reading. I just was hoping for a little more views out of the video along with a few more likes when I released it. Trying to gain some more support. Feedback is always great even if you hate it. I know I'm acting a little like a spambot but your my only hope!
    My name's Anna, I live on the border to France.
    Do you have German family background because of your name?
    I really thought you'd know that I'm from Germany, I had no other explanation for that "danke" :uhoh:
    Listen to the documentary, it's one of the cutest because it was made so early and Phil and Debs are in it, too.
    That "Danke" made me smile btw.
    So you know I'm German?

    Those BBC Documentaries are all awesome, did you listen to 2001's "Freefalling" already?
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