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  • Oh. :wacko:

    Yeah, I think it is. BOF also. :wacko:
    Oh, I didn't see the later part of your post.

    Meteor Garden, eh, I think I remember that being aired on TVs here, but I didn't follow.
    Coffee Prince hahhahaa! You too know your Korean shows. :p
    Did you watch My Girl? I really liked that one. But right now, my favourite would go to You're Beautiful. :heart:
    :awesome::awesome: How long does it take for you to do all those traditions? :wacko:

    I watched the Taiwanese one. It originated in Japan, right?
    Oh. :wacko: I don't have those. :anxious: Btw, HAPPY NEW YEAR! :awesome:

    KIM BUM IS SUPER CUTE. :cheesy: I like Jang Geun Suk. <3
    Oh. Waittttt, tell me moar, maybe I do know. Sounds familiar. Hana kimi?
    AHAHHAHAHAHA. Why eat? :wacko:

    Oh. Whoa xD
    Well, I watched You're Beautiful, which I really liked. :awesome: :|
    Hahaha, I could never be THAT cool. :blank:

    And I was hoping your name was short for Charmander. :disappointed:
    Charlene eh? :inquisitive: How convenient, TOO convenient even :inquisitive:

    It's ME-HALL :anxious:
    Okay, I get you. You don't want to be all too err, whatMalaysianscall 'perasan'. Like, suspicious in the. Y'know, not so nice way.

    Oooh! Enjoy your hols. :wacko:
    I don't know. It's my last year at high school next year, so I gotta ace the major exams. Then I have to plan which course and college I want to go to. :wreck:
    Well, other than my lame celebrity crushes....
    There is this girl. :wideeyed:

    I can't really tell you. :lol:
    But he noticed yew. :blush:

    I'm fine, I went to a mall with my mum today and we were there for such a long time. Just like... Lurk at the mall. LOL.
    How's college life? As in homework. I have to start thinking about my future college life too. :|
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