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  • i'm doing fine, preparing the exams at the moment, since i'll have them in a month, and i'd like to get good results as are only 3 exams.
    what about you? :hug: i hope things are going great for you.
    WHAT!? You stay in the same room? I haven't done that since I was 12, haha. We changed for each class and we had on average 8 classes a day. The teachers also had to move around too to what ever room their class was in...(excluding the teachers who ask to stay in one room mainly -___- lazy bitches)

    But what if you have biology? surely you need to be in a lab for some classes. Or home ec, you need like a kitchen.

    Well we can only chose what to do for that time when you're in your last two years. You can have a study class, computer class, drama or PE. Our computers were so shit and everything was blocked, so that class was terrible.

    They also thought us how to use word from 1998, lolololol.
    Thank you so much! :hug: I'm not even doing science in college :| and they were my best marks, haha. I might do art history because I did pretty well in that in my exams.

    I know D: and teachers are like "Y U SO LATE?!"
    oh I'm sorry I just walked like half a mile up stairs stuck behind other students to get here -___-
    I gave up PE in my second last year because exercise is annoying :| I did drama and mime class instead! Seriously one of the best decisions I ever made, haha.
    Yeah, it's totally ridiculous. Yes I did :nice: I did pretty well, not in the top 8% well but I don't mind, haha. I was only annoyed with my english. I dropped a fair bit down from my average. I think my teacher will be shocked when he sees it. I got an A in my biology though :wacky: and a B in my art, which I wasn't expecting at all. I got my offer my college yesterday morning, so I am going :lol:

    Ewhhh :sick: that does not sound nice at all. Our school isn't tall so there isn't differences in the floors. It's just on a hill so there is soooo many steps D:
    I took honours in 6 subjects and ordinary level in Irish. It doesn't matter because you only count the marks from your six best here. So you could do 10 subjects but you can only take the points from your best 6, which is kind of odd. Some people do 30 in other schools D: I have no idea why!

    None at all? D: that's no fun. The most annoying thing about our uniform was the tights. And you had to wear them, even when the weather was disgustingly humid and hot.
    You must get much hotter weather over there though. So I can't complain too much.
    There's different levels you can take. Honours being the hardest, ordinary being easier and foundation being the easiest.
    Ordinary level is sometimes called lower level by students. Sorry because you wouldn't have known that :uhoh:

    We only got a non-uniform day here three times a year. LAME. I did like my uniform though :wacko:

    Thank you! :awesome: :hug:
    I don't think it is...some of it's easy enough and then other parts are annoying D: The average is so low because people take the easy route and chose all lower level subjects (or they feel can only do all lower level)...and because you get less points for those, it brings it down.
    I do hope I'm in the 8% thought :wacko:
    I would love to experience school in a different country, American schools look so odd on tv. I don't know why :lol: ...maybe it's because they wear no uniform?
    I won't know until next week actually. That's when I get my results...I finished my exams on the 21st of June, so they've been taking long enough :lol: so effing scared. Hopefully I'll get in to psychology (or into a course I can do it through). But the points for the course I want are 500 D: ..only 8% of the whole country last year got 500 or over :bigcry:
    You do like an action charity project too but it is all common sense. It would be one of the harder subjects to fail for sure.
    I might aswell make the most out of my last year as a "teen". And I'll be in college and what not. Besides being scared shitless about making new friends, I'm rather excited :lol:
    I didn't mind the compulsory subjects like maths, English, etc. But I hate those shitty ones. We had to do ( and take an exam in ) C.s.p.e, which stands for civil, social and political education. Sounds somewhat cool, its shit. Took the exam when I was 15, I had to identify our leader as the first question -__- GOT AN A!

    I'm turning 19 on Sunday actually :nice: Ughhhh getting old :lol:
    Hell yeah good timing! :awesome:
    Oh you have those trial exams too, when I tried to explain them to other people in different countries they were really confused. They were asking why we do basically two exams and why don't we just study for the the big major one. I hope your studies are going well :nice: What subjects are you doing?

    I'm good but annoyingly my hiccups are still evil D: ...okay, that's a tad over dramatic :lol: I still have them and I can't wait to go back to the doctors to get something stronger to stop them.
    Yeah, now she's my bff because she buys me stuff LULZUZLZL

    the only imogen heap song you have, that one is from Narnia.
    It was a gift, and she ripped off the price tag. I imagine like 20 dollars. I didn't want her to spend so much :disappointed: But omggg :awesome:

    My brother really liked her so I bought Speak For Yourself, and I liked a couple of songs do I downloaded some of her other albums but I didn't really liked them or I don't know :tongue: So I only have one album and a couple of other songs. Just an artist I have in iTunes not like OMGG IMOGEN HEAAP<3

    is that song Can't Take It In? :lol:
    of crass


    The last album I bough before Teen Dream would be..I think an Imogen Heap album :0 trololo
    I hope not, it's like everything is OK except for that god awful song. I really liked Moving to Mars though.


    They're so famous omggggg looolll rmalododooo lonflalal
    Well, I usually never buy albums unless I'm completely inlove with it. So I usually buy it waaaay after I've downloaded it. Then I can be sure it's worth it. But, yehhhhhh then I get sick of it and it's sad ):
    unless it comes with a dvd
    like teen dream
    I haven't even thought to download the singles and stuff. I think I'll just wait for the album. Also I don't have earphones so I can't even listen to it trolololz.

    to replay me

    It comes to two cd's D: i saw it once and I was leik eydewf7tewf but then I saw the price and i didn't even have money.
    I feel like when I buy the albums I get sick of it quicker. :sad:
    hm :charming: hmHmhmhMhmhMMMMhHH

    lolrly? *googles*

    lolololo panda bear
    That you own? or have in your iTunes?~dah
    probably, but I mean I like it.
    It's okay, I haven't either :sad:

    It's big I guess, not as big as the U.S.. probably half as big. /dahhh anette so so stuped

    I don't know, probably really indie artists like.. crafts spells.. i dunno.
    Me neither ): I'm barely getting into Radiohead. Right now I'm in Ok Computer lolz.
    Depends if you want them in your collection. You could listen to it by youtube and decide.
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