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  • Like with the same background as MX one and with the VIdeo a little bit smaller!

    thanks in advance!
    that one you made is pretty cool!!

    how would it look with the Coldplay background and that letters ?
    I made a HUGE version. What size would you like it to be?
    But here is the image in case you want it to be huge:
    :eek: Awesome :awesome:

    On the Right one, Can you make a :


    with that letter and with that background? with the same effect? :P

    Thanks in advance
    Hey you.

    You made an awesome cover there!

    wanted to ask you if you have the time..

    I have a twitter Coldplay account www.twitter.com/Coldplayvideo with over 2000 followers, a youtube account www.youtube.com/Coldplayvideo42 with over 2 million video views.
    And many facebook Coldplay related groups ..

    wanted to ask you if you have the time,to do a Cover with the Coldplayvideo name on it,for to use it as profile twitter/facebook/Youtube pics for this era.

    If you are interested/willing to do it, let me know.

    Just changing the letters,not too much work on them.,

    see you soon.

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