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  • The card is amazing. Maybe you will join it next time. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :nice:

    I wish I lived in London as well. :laugh3:

    Thank you Cecilia. :kiss: When I was in the surgery, the doctor said it seems good.

    I found some people said the end of The Hour series 2 is very suffering. I haven't watched them all so I don't know that. Oh :\

    Would you mind I ask who's your avatar now? :)
    Anything special for Christmas? Well, join coldplaying secret santa project (it's interesting.) and send cards to people I value. In Taiwan we don't have Christmas holiday. But we have a little break between Dec 29 to Jan 1. (New Year break, but we have to work and go to school at Dec 22) And final exam is during Jan 14 to 18.

    Thanks for telling me your experience. It's useful to me. :)

    Look Back in Anger seems like a classic play. I hope one day I can seat in the theater and watch Ben Whishaw performance. What a dream! :lol:

    I'm fine. Thank you. But I have a little surgery on Dec 28. It's okay. The doctor will cut some.. I don't know how to say that. And they tested it. If it is good, I will be fine. If it is bad, that means I have a cancer. :anxious:
    Thank you. :kiss:

    Sorry for replying late. I have too many things to do recently. :bomb:

    What do you do during the Christmas? I'm curious. :rolleyes:

    Okay. :laugh3: People say the first year of college is always busy. After you get used to it, you will be lazy, skip classes, hang out with friends in wrong time. But I think I'm not that kind of person because I will feel guilty for it. :p

    How have you been recently?

    I listened Look Back in Anger last Friday. Ben is such a crazy man in it. :lol:

    The Hour s2 is awesome. I got very excited after it publishes weekly. :awesome:
    Part 2:

    "Which class is it for?" You mean all courses I take? Social Psychology, Weight Management Program, Freshman English, Chinese, English Composition (I), Approaches to Literature, English Oral Training (I), and Language Lab. Workshop (I).

    Thank you. I'll do my best. :nice: I don't know why some people don't care what they study. All their fear is to flunk. (I don't want to flunk.) I will get anxious if I don't finish all assignments. The phenomenon of me is abnormal or normal? I may be lazy after two or there years. :lol:
    Part 1:

    Yep, maybe. "idiot"? Cool. I only know something like "bastard" in Japanese. :laugh3:

    Okay, I see. I watched some Taiwanese movies sometimes. Such as Jump Ashin! or Hear me(聽說, Ting shuo). Both of them are good. Actually, I don't like the plot is always about fight or old stories. It's really boring. And some films are really suck. :lol:

    Criminal Justice is indeed worth to watch! It's awesome. You will realize something you don't know before. (Did you watch CSI before? It's totally different.) This time Ben is the defendant. And did he really kill someone? What is the right thing to do in the house of detention? How to survival? By the way, there are many injustice things in Criminal Justice. This is an ironic series definitely. (including a lot of prejudice) You should spend an afternoon to watch all of them or watch an episode a day. (You may really want to know what happened. :p) Watching this kind of series is the first time for me. So, it shocked me a lot.
    When I was in high school, Japanese was only one I could choose (an course for one year). But I wasn't interested in it. So I returned all my learning to the teacher except I can introduce myself in Japanese. :laugh3:

    So, you are the Overseas Chinese? That's cool. haha I can't speak Cantonese. :p By the way, I like Ip Man. Donnie Yen is good. But I love Jet Li better. :blush:

    Did you listen to Cock before? It's quiet amazing and sad. The reason why I listened to it is because Ben Whishaw and Andrew Scott. They are so talent of being gay. Perfect performance. :dazzled: This week I'm gonna finish watching Criminal Justice, 5 episodes. I have already watched 1x01. I felt so sad. (And Ben is amazing! OMG :wacky:

    I need to wait for a long time to watch Skyfall. And college midterm is coming. :bomb:

    Do you have FB or Twitter? Would you like to give me yours? :)
    Oh, I see. :) If I have an chance to teach Chinese, I'd like to go to UK or USA. Because at least we can communicate through English. I'd like to learn German next when I become a sophomore in college. I don't like Spanish though I love Real Madrid. (a football team) :nice:

    Besides English, do you learn or use another language in your daily life? :cool:

    Ben in Perfume is almost like he is in The Hour. (The feeling is a little the same.) I'm really addicted to Ben Whishaw now. :lol: (I also update it in my blog as well.)

    The Hour is awesome!!!!!!!

    Hope you have a good week. :)
    Part two:

    Chris Cornell - You Know My Name. <--- I love this song so much. After watching Casino Royale, you can search that song on youtube. CD version or Live version are good. :)

    Well, the first play of Skyfall is on 2 Nov in Taiwan. Due to it's very famous, I think I can watch second-run in two month. I need to save money as much as possible.

    Okay, I see. :)

    I update an article about The Hollow Crown at my blog www.wretch.cc/blog/a891692005/34937502 . But I think it's too complicated for me to explain the whole plot. :laugh3:
    Part one:

    Nervous about finding a job? I thought it was easy to work at the bank if people study accounting. :surprised: For me, maybe I can find a job about teaching other country people Chinese. But I have to get the some kind of certification. I'm not sure anyway. :dizzy2:

    Have you ever thought about "working holiday", "Community Service Volunteers", or "WWOOF"? That seems cool. But I have to earn more money first. :lol:

    (I have no idea Ben played Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. I'm very surprised about it. When I was 13 or 14, I watched Perfume DVD and had lunch at the same time. :p)

    Cecilia you must watch Casino Royale (2006). It's awesome ever. And James Bond is really hot. :dazzled: But when I recall my memory, I feel sad. I can't tell you the plot, right? :laugh3: I think Quantum of Solace (2008) is so so because Casino Royale is too perfect. :lol:
    The Hour seems cool. But I haven't started watching it. :lol:

    I'm fine. If I can earn more money, I'll be very fine. :laugh3: You're high school or college student? I'm a freshman this year. I study in foreign languages and literature. (Most of them is English.) I need to read and absorb many stuff. :S

    Will you go to watch the new 007 movie? (I will watch it in second run theater, so I need to wait.:p) Do you know Ben plays Q? It will be cool. Watch actors I love on the big screen. I only know little about Q. I like Daniel Craig by the way. :dazzled:

    Yes, I live in Taiwan. That's cool. Why your parents visited Taiwan? For business? People in Taiwan are really friendly, and so am I. :lol: If you get a chance to go to Taiwan, you will love this little island. Although some people are not good at speaking English, they're still trying to communicate with you. :nice:

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. :lol:
    Hello Cecilia. Sorry for replying late. :| Thanks for your explanation! That's cool. I'd like to watch The Hour because it seems great.

    I prefer Ben Whishaw has long hair as he acts in The Hollow Crown. :lol:

    How are you? :)
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