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  • Nice to meet you Jenna... so how are you finding the board so far??? haven't seen you around the lounge section... i'm always around there or just lurking through the coldplay and live sections...
    Hey Jenna! Ya I know exactly what you mean, with the whole job thing. After im done with school, I need to start thinking about what job im going to get!!

    Thank you for the Happy Thanksgiving:nice:
    Hey Jenna! Im so so sorry that it took me this long to respond back to you! I didnt see your post!
    But ya I know what you mean, it is really hard to find a job at this time. But ya I am an assistant, its an ok job. I get paid well so that is good, then there is like small perks that come from it. Like I get food when ever and my car gets washed every week:p But it really is ok, even though I might complain sometimes. What kind of job are you looking for??
    Haha. that's the first time someone approaches me here because of my age... but alright.
    seen you haven't been here for a long time or posted much, so I hope you are enjoying the board.
    And I think age is a irrelevant matter here on this board...

    Btw, I'm Mariana. :nice:
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