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  • Ok then:nice:
    Ya I was talking to someone about it and just about life and stuff and they said I should have a deadline. So I should really get one before I turn 21 in April. Thanks;)
    Oh im sorry to hear that Jenna! I guess its just hard times everywhere now:\
    Im hoping things will get better soon!
    Hey Jenna! So so sorry it took me so long to reply back!!!

    But the job hunt is the same:\ Im really trying to get one by the end of this month, I really need to!

    How are you??
    Hey I'm back! I haven't been online for a couple of days cos there's something wrong with
    the port. Now I'm at school using the wireless..
    Yup, I'm really excited...but now I have tons of assignments to do...*dies*
    Pretty stressed-out. How about you?
    Yeah, i just can't wait to go to the concert.
    It's on the day after my birthday.
    Well, don't worry if you can't go this time,
    i'm sure that there will be another chance in the future.
    i've been saving some money so i can afford. hehe.
    Ya im definitely not going to!
    Oh it is, nice! Well not the writing part though:p
    My major is International Business, and after school is done I want to move to England and start there!

    But...lately ive been thinking about being a psychologist/therapist. Cause I love talking to people and giving advice.

    Oh, uhh I hate writing!!! So bad!:p

    Well I I had an interview with a scientific technology solutions company for like doing data entry and that type of stuff. I just need to email my resume. But the thing is its only 10 to 12 hours a week, and i need to be doing at least 40!
    Ahhh im sorry about that Jenna! Well ya just try not to think about it and just focus on studies. But I hope that everything will work out though!
    You should go.i mean this is once in a lifetime experience, we don't know how soon
    they will come back to singapore and hong kong again in the future.
    the concert tickets in singapore are selling like hot cakes
    yeah, it was sudden. but i still want to go.:p
    Hi Jenna!
    I'm so happy cos i'm going to see coldplay live in singapore!
    i still can't believe that!
    i hope you can go see them live in hong kong too.
    that would be awesome!
    Ya most of my friends are back at school now, but I do have some here. But I know how you feel, and its good you are trying to figure out everything now. Get ahead while you can.
    Oh no, no need to appoligize! But thank you, things are getting better slowly though. Which is good. But I think once I get a job, then things will be even better:D

    So your back at Uni now, how is that going?
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