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  • Yes, I always mix up Japan with China. Sorry!
    Well, could you write 'Maja' in those chinese signs? :)
    Are there many in China who listen to Coldplay?
    Haha, oh... what a failure to me :sad: ;)
    Yes, I did watch the OS! I loved the opening. And the great chinese wall! How could I forget?!
    China! Cool! :)
    So you usually write with those weird letters/signs?
    How's life in China?
    Cracker and wine? Hm.. That sounds more french. ;)
    Where do you live?
    That's the most common things people say. Or ABBA (a swedish band, who I personly can not stand).
    Haha, I didn't know IKEA was so popular. ;)
    What was the swedish food? :)
    I think swedish culture is weird. One day every midsummer, we get drunk and dance around a big tree. The tree is dressed in flowers and we all sing wierd songs like 'Little frogs, little frogs is funny too see'.
    Haha, I'm not lying. We actually do that! :D
    yeah, me too. in swedish that means 'vilken färg har själen' which is my custom user title. :)
    you're so welcome, i think everyone should be a part of kents beautiful music.
    'in an ice cold IKEA-land' they mean sweden. sweden is ice cold and almost just famous for IKEA (an deparment store selling furnitures, like chairs, tables..).
    So it's kind of like 'in an ice cold sweden just famous for IKEA'..
    that line descirbes sweden so well.. :stunned:
    'Pärlor' means 'Pearls'
    I have the text translated, so I'll send it now. Sorry about the bad english.

    Fairytales for the children who are like you
    (about a tunnel in the end of the light)
    I am your friend and we learn from each other
    (that’s one of the reasons)
    Give them a finger and warm my hand
    (in an is cold IKEA-land)
    You are my friend and we learn from each other
    (just one of the reasons, one of the reasons, one of the reasons, one of the reasons)

    So spin my world my around again
    The radio is playing our song
    Stockholm lies deserted and the world holds the breath
    (what color is the soul?)
    Spin my world my around again
    For all we dreamed about once
    Everything you do become pearls on my forehead
    (what color is the soul, darling?)
    Give us a chance we are older now
    (we see the light of the end of the tunnel)
    Give us another chance we can learn from each other
    (that’s one of the reasons)
    Fairytales for the children who are adults now
    (the TV is on for background sound)
    I am your friend and we learn from each other
    (just one of the reasons, one of the reasons)

    This song is about life. To live and then die.
    You can see that Kent often has a lot about Sweden in its lyrics. Ex. 'An is cold IKEA-land'. They write lyrics about the things who are bad in Sweden. Take the song 'Ingenting' (Nothing, in english) is almost just about that. That nothing never happens, that there wont ever happen something..

    Is there any more song you would like me to translate? :)
    Oh yes, the lyrics are very sad but beautiful. Mostly it's about love or the feeling about being alone.
    Just tell me what song(s) you would like me too translate! :) I have to warn you though, some of the songs will be weird - they do best in swedish. But atleast you'll know what the songs are about.
    Nice to meet you to. My name is Maja.
    I'm happy to see someone else here who likes Kent, I love them! Yeah, it's a pity - the lyrics are so beautiful they make me cry.. My favorite song is Pärlor, whats yours?
    If you ever want a translate of an song or so, I'll be happy to help. :)
    for what've seen in tv, China isnt beautiful just geographycly, i really like your culture, what i know of it :p... and i would like to learn more :smug:
    I see, the more graduates the more competitions..
    We must always upgrade ourselves then.

    Oh yeah,do you have Twitter?
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