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  • Hey, just got a Japanese Paradise pro. When that arrives, I'll have that pro, along with ETIAW and Charlie Brown Japanese pros, and the Mylo Japanese pro CD. Should be about a week for the paradise pro to arrive. You need any or all of these?

    Also have a few more from throughout the years, but not sure if you want them right now. I see your switching sites. I can hold off till everything's moved over. Just let me know, and I'll send em off in a jiff! :)

    You know. You really did create, hands down, the best cp Discog's resource out there. Great accomplishment!
    arg! Sorry translate google fail ! :lol: How many cd,singles,ep,promoCD in all the world exist today ?
    OMG 237 ??! It's a lot ! :eek: Where do you buy this ? I have found 3 old singles of Coldplay in a car boot sale... You have impressive collection !
    Awesome, will collect the ones missing and send them in a zip file..and I should also follow you with twitter and FB, I always forget :shame:
    Evelien, I have a few scans missing from your website, but I don't know if it's not updated just because you had issues with the server or not. If you let me know I can send them : )
    I like it. Though whenever you say "LOLOLO ALMOST A BILLION FOLLOWERS LOL" you're going to lost a few, because people are assholes, plain and simple.
    :sad: :( :censored::cry::evil3::phu::drunkjoe::censored: :furious3: :furious3: :furious3: :furious::argue::uneasy::huh2::uhoh::uhoh: :thinking:
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