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  • Hey!! I saw that you live in Auckland??? Very nice...in November I will visit New Zealand fpr one year....work and travel... ;)
    The uniform is amazing. Maybe you can make it look more Coldplay-ish by dulling the bright colours a bit? :)
    Just wanted to say that your costume (and you on your avatar) look totally mindblowing, holy shit! :eek: :dance:
    No, I don't think so.
    I do love America, but I don't think I would like to live there!
    I think I'd rather stay here in Norway, or move to the UK! There's just something about that place..

    Aah, House! That show is so freaking brilliant!
    Hugh Laurie is extremely funny, and a great actor! And I also love all the medical facts. It's funny because sometimes I even remember medical stuff that's been said on the show, hah :laugh3:
    Oh, well, I did not know that! :D
    That is so cool though!

    People don't speak English in Norway, we do learn it at school though.
    So I speak norwegian, but only at school and with my friends.
    I was born in America so my first language is english, but I can speak fluent Norwegian.
    My mother is american, and my dad is norwegian you see :wacky: :rolleyes:
    I don't know why this would be interesting for you to know, :shrug: But whatever :laugh3:
    oh yeah, I hope you will get to see them one day too!
    A Coldplay concert is something you will remember for the rest of your life, they are so great! :wacky:
    The lights, the pictures, the butterflies, the energy, just everything, you know? :lol:

    And your name.. Francios? Is that like a typical name in New Zealand? If that is where you come from of course :laugh3: Because I thought at first that it was french! :lol: Or is it? :thinking: :shrug: :laugh3:
    Oh, yeah that's true!
    I saw them for the first time in Bergen 19th of August this year.
    It was amazing, holy crap! I was ALL THE WAY in the front! It was sick man :laugh3:
    South Africa, yeh?
    That is pretty cool! :nice:
    I am hoping it will go well too! hah :cheesy: :lol:

    Oh yeah, I love those songs! I also love their old stuff like The Sun The Sea, All In The Mind, Blue, and She's A Superstar :nice:
    You were at the LIVE8 concert when Coldplay played BSS with Ashcroft? :stunned:
    Or did you just see a video or something? :lol:
    Almost finnished with school?
    I bet you're happy but at the same time sad :disappointed:
    So what are you going to do after school? :D
    Anyway, I wish you luck with your end exams :nice:

    I am doing great, just enjoying my sunday, too bad it's soon over :rolleyes:

    Oh hey btw, I saw that on your profile on Facebook you like The Verve?
    Because I am a huge fan of The Verve, and Richard Ashcroft's solo work :wacky:
    Oh man it's great! :cheesy:
    Oh and welcome to Coldplaying!
    My name is Ainsley btw :p
    Would you mind if I added you on facebook? :nice:
    Seriously, that is the best Viva jacket I have ever seen! :stunned:
    Do you have a bigger picture of your avatar? I would love to see it more clearly! :wacky:
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