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May 5, 2016
Sep 21, 2009
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Behind you.

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Livin' life in Technicolor, from Behind you.

Destrokk was last seen:
May 5, 2016
    1. edward_kingdom
    2. Cobalt
      that's a direct quote from you

      you can't change history
    3. Coldplay
      hey BITCH you're not mexican why don't u change your flag :veryangry:
    4. Alien Radio
      Alien Radio
      wow i would marry u if i didn't marry coldplay already
    5. Coldplay
      How did you even make your avi

      I fucking love it btw
    6. Alien Radio
      Alien Radio
      I love your avatar bby
    7. Coldplay
      Juan doesn't love you he loves Jesus bye

      Jake Bugg is kind of a poser, and he's not even that cute and he doesn't write any of his songs
      Not Impressed

      idek I've never seen the show I just know what it's about DUHhhh it's in the title

      why don't u meet me in real life and punch me u little bitch
    8. Coldplay
      and she wont shut up and my sister starts bursting into tears and I'm just like :blank:

      let's just like someone who is famous in 2013. Let's just do that with our lives. Let's try that

      Omfg calm down bb I was just teasing you

      We were like iCarly and now we're Sex and the City

      Who lives in LA? Christoph?? Wow what aging home does he live in
    9. Coldplay
      that album is basically the reason i know anything about music from more than 10 years ago omfg

      If it weren't for Damone and dR dEE i would still be listening to deap vally and the xx while being like "who R tha beetles???"

      Damon got a LOT more famous with gorillaz like in america no one knew about blur and they still don't, but everyone knows gorillaz.

      Getting all conservative Christian juankiss up in here
      Dude a nun made my sister cry the other day
      We went to a monastery and my sister wanted to buy a cross necklace and she pointed at it and the old nun was like "DONT YOU KNOW YOU NEVER EVER TOUCH ANYTHING IN A MONASTERY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU WHO RAISED YOU I CANT BELIEVE YOU ARE THIS IGNORANT BABANSDHSBEBHEH" and my sister was like "oh, i really didnt know, i'm sorry" and the nun was like "Oh, I don't need to forgive you, GOD HAS TO FORGIVE YOU. LETS SEE IF GOD EVEN FORGIVES YOU!!!!!!!!! YOU NEVER TOUCH ANYTHING IN A MONASTERY NEVER EVER EVER NEVR"
    10. Coldplay
      "mexican dick party"

      I think i'm always late to liking my favorite band/singers at the best time, who cares man just love them

      Just talk abt the old mans dick dude. Just feel confident in yourself and who you are. U can do it man.

      I have no idea why you complain because our conversations are like 90% me talking about some random famous guy that you probably don't even like that much, and then you maybe getting in a word about stuff you actually care about like that's fucked up

      I've heard that it's not good for you idgi will i get AIDS??!?? I like not wearing one but i'm fine either way
      Let's go bra shopping

      We should rent out an apartment together when we get older
    11. Coldplay
      I don't get it ok Damon is pretty famous so yeah his stuff would be heard, but someone listened to Dr Dee??? And put it on the soundtrack to an airplane boarding???
      tbh "watching the fire that waltzed away" makes me feel better abt myself and my songwriting abilities lmao

      It's so weird because he looks the same but I don't care abt him anymore (i'm not gonna say wanting the d because that's EVIL and SINFUL :bomb:)

      idk man maybe his hardcore christianity will Spice Things Up in ur imaginary love life (lmaoing so hard rn)
    12. Coldplay
      i know seriously though why apple carts??? WJY???? people actually listened to dr dee omfg hahahah
      its weird
      it's like, i know young damon is :bomb: hot :bomb:
      but i have no feelings about it at all
      like i dont care
      i want to care
      but i dont
      what do

      What's wrong with christians!!!!!!! I thought u were a real fan!!! U have a spongebob bra to match his shirt!!!
    13. Coldplay
      it would actually really suck to be the only person to like this band think about it
      like no one cares abt your feels and nothing comes up when you google them

      i did buy u stuff actually. idk why i didnt send you anything i'm so sorry
      but i asked u for your san diego address once and you were about to tell me then you started to talk about christoph and i was like :thumbsup: i'm going on vacation anyway so i might as well ask u later
      so yeah pm me idk

      what, bras are so comfortable i sleep in them a lot of the time. maybe you don't have the right size idk?
      but everyone says that too does everyone have the wrong size???

      i dont want a sugar daddy i want a hot best friend that loves me 1!#@$

      holy f**** i want a movie watching party with you can we actually hang out irl now that we live in the same country uhg
      its so weird its like destiny like once u lived in mexico and i lived in romania and we were like 944949 miles away and now we're like... a less amount of miles away
    14. Coldplay
      i dont even know what this is i just clicked on something random on youtube

      well we have traditional folk music which is really zzZZz to me
      then we have sort of gypsy music which is dumb and all sounds the same
      but on the radio all you hear are really shitty europop songs which sounds like all the rejects from x factor or something
      I swear all the radio songs were so good when i was a kid grrr

      yesss i'm so gonna give you his skype
      i think he found me because we were msn contacts???
    15. Coldplay
      maybe deacon is trying to be cooler with kids

      like that 30 year old dude on the radio travis mccoy
      he got a bunch of tattoos and changed his name to travie so people would like him

      "well maybe" ratchet

      are u fucking kidding me
      cos i was looking at his chest duh. because that's what the picture is of. what am i supposed to look at? the little 'x' button at the corner of the screen? the ceiling? the stars?
      w/e 10/10 would ride that ride but belly button is too avant garde for me

      i feel ur feels
      yeah i need to be more creative and write things that are more visual hhhHHh
    16. Coldplay
      omg i wanna see, ur gonna look so yolo 420 for school, people are gonna be like "is that the 80 year old nazi from that movie last year?? omg i love him!!!" and ur gonna be like "yeah!!!!! :D"

      i went shopping here!!!11 but we ran out of money so i couldnt buy things anymore lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      i saw the prettiest bra i've ever seen in my life but it was like 100 dollars and i was like sorry, haha no :'(
      lemme try to look for it online i dont think i'll ever see it again
      EDIT: uhh no i don't see it but omfg all of these
      i cant wait until i get older and find a boyfriend just so i can buy shit like this omfg

      this is really random but we're talking about movies i saw pulp fiction on the plane here and it was really good then they played apple carts by damon albarn when i got off the plane and i was laughing so hard i was gonna pee myself and everyone was like :confused:
    17. Coldplay
      omg don't dance to this shit this is literally the most entry-level basshunter nickelback brokenCYDE shit ever
      i will show you cool romanian pop when it's not 1am here and i can play music but uhhh some of it might be old because i think romanian music on the radio SUCkS now??? all these yuropeans tryna be gaga/bruno mars/entry level 2009 'everybody talks by grouplove' hipsters and failing hard af

      skrillexeses sounds like a dinosaur

      "RAWR means i love you in dinosaur lawl c: xDDDDD" -- how i think skrillex fans are like

      maxwell added me on skype lol
      how the fuck did he find me i dont have a facebook

      those are literally my three favorite songs ever i've given up on music except for those three songs bYe broken social hotel??
    18. Coldplay
      First of all are u fucking telling me we got his name wrong this whole goddamn time
      how long have we been talking about anco, 2 years
      what kind of dea(ki/co)n fans are we

      did you hear some 200 year old man got the role of the doctor??? do you think doctor who is sexy now???? are 200 year old men too young for you???????????

      butdang.............. :cool:
      9/10 god i bet his hugs are so firm and :cool:
      but his belly button looks so weird uhhh outies smh

      google images
      i think it would be awesome if you got inspired by something he did because i feel like it totally fits your drawing/painting style woah

      i wish i was deep
      seriously i try to write lyrics or personal stories but i dont really care about anything and i dont feel any emotions towards my past, even if i tell people about myself and they're like "wow!!!!!!" it means nothing to me
    19. Coldplay
      Wait which song did they play at school 4 real

      Uhh I don't know??? Kinda 2 old 4 me???
    20. Coldplay
      i'm tired of these 50 Sent gangSters demoralizing our children :( :(

      omg thank you for that gif :heart: yes his smile is so perfect i s2g!!!!!!!!! my teeth are so yellow omg
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