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  • Good news about the MTV interview! :dance:

    And great idea to have everything from the official site in one place.
    Avoids confusion I think!
    Do you want to divide it so you don't have to do it all and I'll do some as well?
    Just tell me a year or whatever and I'll do it!

    I cut out the part with Chris from the Bridge School video posted last night and will add it to the Bridge School thread!

    Yes, it's cool that there is this fast train now, it's pretty new.
    Before that it would take more than 4 hours to get to Paris...
    You're right about the advantages to travel from here - but it's pretty boring here and sadly you can't travel all the time. :lol:
    Many people would like to swap their home with yours!!
    (Especially my mother haha)

    12 hours in a train! That's a lot.
    Last time I did this was in 2003 on my InterRail trip, from the border between Spain and France to Portugal. It was a nightmare but it was during the day, so not as bad as overnight!!

    I searched the net for that MTV Brasil interview - no luck :disappointed:

    I'm off to work... ttyl! :kiss:
    Hi Denise!
    Thanks for the twitter acceptance! :kiss:

    How are you?
    I've been ill the past 2 days and didn't do much apart from sleeping and dozing on the couch, only interrupted by taking painkillers. :(
    Will work this weekend again... perfect timing that I was ill on my free day... :sick:
    But Perrine and me got the cheapest tickets for trains to Paris!! :dance:
    We "met" on msn at midnight to book as soon as they went on sale - only minutes later the price has jumped up to 10€ more already! :stunned:

    Talk soon, love Anna :hug:
    Awww, thank you so much Denise :hug: I'll make sure to say hi to Kirsten on your behalf, talk to you soon! :kiss:
    Message sent!!
    Have a nice evening watching series! :kiss:
    I'm working on the cinema's program flyer for next week...

    Buona sera!
    We both went looking for that interview at the same time haha!
    Hope you're fine!
    Tomorrow is an important day, keep your fingers crossed for me please! :bomb:
    Hopefully I can tell you good news tomorrow...
    Ohhh sorry! I didn't know it! It's been a problem with my English! thaks now I know it! thank you!
    Yes, it was really exiting!
    And I agree, it's all about timing and being lucky if you happen to meet them. I'll definitely have to pick a strategic time to go back though :lol:
    And oh yah that's a good idea!

    By the way, you went to War Child last year, yah? I'm going this year to see Kasabian and Im just wondering, you think there is any chance of any of the Coldplay boys showing up as VIPs since im sure they will all be in London this Tues. night? :thinking: I know there were quite a few VIPs up in the balconies last year.

    Hey Denise! I didn't want to keep getting off topic in the Apparatjik thread. But no i didnt see anyone at the Bakery except Vicki. But they were definitely there. Me and my friend got a bite to eat then just passed by again. Some really nice acoustic sounds were coming from there :heart:

    I'm going to work in the flat we're renovating... talk to you later! :hug:
    Since 1pm our time I'm recording that radio station but I don't think they'll broadcast it today, the show of the guy who said he talked to Will is over already.
    Grazie, Denise!! :kiss:

    I stopped after 3 glasses of champagne, I already was getting "talkative" because of those :lol:
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