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  • Hey,
    Im so sorry Denise, I'm busy with work and helping Kelly, Chavi, Elena and Virginie to find a place to stay...
    Want to write proper reply so you'll get one later via PM.

    :hug: Anna
    Hey Denise!!

    Just wanted to say hi. :hug:
    Hope you're fine!!!
    How was Rome?

    I have lots of work to do (have to have a flyer ready in a couple of days and there's a challenge to squeeze 18 movie desciptions and an advertisement on 3 DIN A5 pages... and the movie distributor that wants the advertisment isn't helping with material. :disappointed:)

    And I've got a test in school on Monday and haven't learnt much yet! :wreck:

    Anyways, have a nice weekend, talk soon! :kiss:

    Yes, it's annoying and expensive to replace everything, not mentioning the stress and time needed to do that...

    If you really want to know: 150 hours! :p
    Our tickets for the second night arrived in London today, they're gate M&N as well, so the best one we could have gotten, it's cheering me up a lot because I don't need to worry about running long distances :lol:

    I'm off to work in a bit, talk soon! :hug:
    Hahaha, we were working on the same threads again!!
    I'll leave you to do all the moving and merging since you're already at it. :)


    We were editing the first post of the Planet Rock Profiles thread at the same time! :lol:
    I was just adding screencaps though.
    You and fsa are the ones who help me to complete the collection, thank you so much. :heart:

    I'll go on the hunt for some lamps and a bathroom mirror now for my flat. :dance:
    See you later! :hug:
    Oh, that sounds weird... Is it the kind of thread that decomposes?
    I know that those take time to disappear but if they removed other threads... :uhoh:

    Grazie mille for that interview, I'll listen later. :dance:
    That was a great concert, the KoKo gig. I haven't listened to CP in a while but the day before yesterday I put the KoKo gig on at work. :)

    It's fun to ban spammers I must say. :lol:

    I'm still working on that flat next door and I can't wait to move in there - my mother is making my life HELL because she still hasn't accepted that I won't finish my studies and takes every opportunity to show me what others have achieved who are as old as me...
    Hi Denise!!
    How are you? Everything alright with your back now?
    I hope so! :hug:
    I'm on my way to work... :escaping3:
    Have a nice day, talk soon!

    A :kiss:
    Hi Denise!

    From what you told me I figured that you already have enough things to do with work and I had time to upload the requested videos so I did it.
    Hope that's alright with you.
    Are you feeling better? :hug:
    Good evening Denise!!

    Hope you're doing fine, we haven't talked for a long time...
    Do you have days off work during Easter?
    Have a nice time whatever you'll do! :kiss:
    I swear I cannot figure out how to post visitor messages at all!!! :confused:

    I'm going to write a little synopsis of the weekend's encounters and just post them in Angie's already epic-ly good account of the whole thing. It sure was fun....
    Hey Denise!!
    I added the videos in the Roadie #42 thread that you told me and am now working in the timeline thread.
    I added the names of the files I have already finished (uploading at the moment) in the thread so we don't do them both.
    The files will upload overnight, links to be posted tomorrow!

    I think that's fine then! :)
    I haven't installed SUPER again yet... I only tried with XMedia Recode and VLC.
    Mhmm, so do you have anything else I can do to help you?

    I just tried capturing the video with Replay and I'm too stupid to make that program work. :dizzy:
    It did before, but I'm not really patient at the moment.
    I worked at a party last night until 4am and will go to work again soon...
    This is the flvRecorder problem again... it is not compatible for converting :bigcry:
    XMedia Recode only lets me convert the first 49 seconds, VLC is messing it up completely.
    I used to be able to grab those flash videos, they must have changed something...

    My only solution at the moment would be to use the youtube video but the quality suffered when it was uploaded.
    I'll try to think of a different way!
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