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  • Good morning!
    I realised I hadn't replied to your last pm, I'm so so sorry!!
    I've got my interim audit in less than 2 hours... :uhoh:
    Will write later.
    Again, I'm sorry! :embarrassed:

    Have a nice day!
    I love your avatar! :wacko:

    Stupid question. . . is it a real picture or did you photoshop it? I've never seen it before. :wacky:
    Too long for one message again! :embarrassed:

    Yes, I did decide to finally go to a concert after reading the interview in there!
    I owe a lot to Q Magazine! :lol:

    Before I only listened to the albums and that was it.
    I have listened to X&Y at work countless times before haha but never looked further into them.
    Then that article in Q was so interesting that I looked for tour dates.
    A friend had seen Coldplay at the Southside Festival in 2003 and had been totally blown away.
    I'll never forget the car trip from my place to South France and back in his jeep, listening to Portishead and AROBTTH on repeat with him.
    Still that time I didn't think of going to a concert...
    I'll ask my boss if it's likely that we'll apply for that state fund next year, too.
    If yes I'll start with the list for 2011 now already so it'll only be a little work every wek or every month and not all of it in a short time. :disappointed:
    I actually wanted to use my free time now to get prepared for a mid-exam at the beginning of March.
    Our yearly film festival starts soon as well. Means a lot of extra work but also a fun time. I'm really looking forward to get to know a German actor that I like.
    From what I heard he's quite a character! :lol:
    Hope he'll be in a good mood then!

    It's always like that, eh? Huge tasks come when you actually don't have time for them!
    Hi Denise!

    I didn't know the pics were taken in Italy!
    My "bond" with those pics is that I've first seen them in Q Magazine in June 2008.
    I bought the mag when I was in London that time, read it on the journey back and decided I wanted to finally see Coldplay in concert... the rest is history, here I am with more than 10.000 posts and more awesome memories of things happening since then! :wacky: /mushy
    HAha just last night you said "bomb news"... I'm curious to find out what the interview with Zane Lowe will bring. Thanks for creating that thread in MM in advance!!

    Today I'll continue with my huge task... we have 6 rooms in the cinema and I need to write a chronological list of every movie shown in 2010 including the amount of days it had been shown, showings, viewers... separated by each room.
    It's for the chance of getting money from a state fund for "valuable" movies. It could be that I'm doing this for nothing! I really hope we'll get some support from them.
    It would've been easy to sort it by film because we're doing these statistics for every film once a week but they want it sorted by room and we change rooms for movies a lot, even inbetween weeks. :bigcry:

    Enough whining haha
    Sounds a bit insecure to work from year to year, is it kind of guaranteed that your contracts get renewed every year? :\
    Hope you get everything done in time! :hug:

    Buona giornata!
    Hey, I've just seen that you replied with the same pic idea in the Oracle thread...
    I had the tab with the thread open for too long so didn't see your reply!

    Hope you're doing fine!
    I'm drowning in work and don't even find enough time to check new posts here. :disappointed:

    Have a nice evening, A :kiss:
    Hi! :smiley: I just had a look.
    it's not that because it was from a TV show performance or something.
    I'm starting to think maybe it WAS the toronto performance...... hahahaha.
    but I'm sure it wasn't because the one I'm thinking of the lights were on, and the toronto performance is dark with the stagelights only.
    it'll have to do! haha, thanks for all of your help! you were fantastic! :awesome:
    Saw your post in the Werchter thread... don't go there but go to Pinkpop with me! :D
    Tickets will go on sale in March only!
    Just a quick reply... sorry!
    MAybe I'll find time for a proper PM after Monday's 2 tests...
    I'll text you as soon as I know the venue (but I need your mobile number then, just realised I only have your address and email)!! :hug:

    I know how we sometimes do the same things... :laugh4:
    So I just wanted to say that I'm uploading the 2003-02-25 Montreal audio + the 4 songs I have from 2003-04-17 Earl's Court at the moment that nanda requested in MM. :)

    Have a nice day!! :hug:
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