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  • oh shame the hotel you're booked in is fully booked for the weekend... will see where other chicks are staying .... oh dilemas!
    Hi Denise, where are you staying in Graz? I looked at prices again from the UK and the flights have dropped so I'm tempted all over again :\

    Glad you got your bits, I was wondering if you had x
    It´s fine. I thought something like that myself but wanted to ask just to make sure :) Thanks and I hope you enjoy MX POP when you get it :)
    Hello :) I saw that you are from Italy and you have ordered the MX Pop edition, so I wanted to ask you whether you believe it can arrive to you by Christmas. I thought of spending the holidays with my folks in Italy, but I am not sure whether MX will arrive in time. What is your usual experience with mail during the holiday? Do you usually get packs on time sent from abroad? Thanks for your help :)
    This summer is perfect for our cinema... we've never had so many customers in the summer months!! It *should* be quiet here but although it's hot it's still raining and people are storming into the movies...
    It's unbearably hot and humid at the moment, my hair is a disaster :lol:
    Talk soon! :hug:
    Oh no!
    Next time there's something like this we should send each other VMs asking if the other one is doing the same thing, it happened so often already haha

    I'll try to make the most of my day off now... talk later! :kiss:
    Oupps, did you cut it already as well?
    It's a cool interview with Guy I must say. :)
    Oh and last night I could finally read the two articles in Q Magazine about the Killers... sounds promising!!
    Did you manage to get a copy?
    You could ask one of the girls living there to send one to you, I'm sure they'd do that... would save you the hassle of bidding on one!

    Have a nice day xxx
    hello honey, I was looking for you when you were at your gigs but I didn't know where to start searching so many people.. Thought to show my colours was the best way to be found LOL... as you can see I only recently joined but have been lurking for a while before that.

    I hope you are well and now recovered from your epic travels?

    C x
    faccio prima che posso denise ma non so quando riusciamo ad arrivare. Speriamo bene. tu tieni un po' di posto :) e aggiornaci sul cancello in cui vai etc
    minchia pero' come cazzo facciamo sara' un bordello. vuoi dire che vai li alle 7? cristo é pazzesco pero'.. maledetta italia. io non so, vedo che dice francesco stasera ne parlo con lui. vabbe. ricorda in caso che mi devi 2 prime file ahhaha :) quindi alla peggio io SARO' IL TUO FIDANZATO :)
    eccomi denise, scusa non avevo visto. Allora ok, niente parcheggi quindi. che pacco. i diffusi dici che sono p8 e p9? vedro' come fare allora. Maledetto heineken. Vabbuo'. Ho sentito patrizio e simo, tu per che ora pensi di andare? speriamo non sia pieno di teste di cazzo che fanno la coda dalle 8 di mattina ma che conoscono solo viva la vida. ho gia' l'odio.
    Hi Denise I thought about you as my husband and I were in Tampa for a couple of days. We missed our boys then but glad we got to hang out together! Hope we'll see each other at a gig sometime in the future, either your continent or mine!!!
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