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  • :lol: i'll pick #42 cause i like that song better, but i can tell you now that's exactly what chavi's gonna say, you ask her sometime test me, but then you need something more coldplay related to so we should call you oracle of berryness?
    :lol: being the leldest doesn't nessecairely make you he wise one... buttt you have been our guide through coldplaying and the berryman thread especially and we look up to you soo that title would suit you! so yes.. oh wise one.. and what would you call us then? chavi could be the perverted one :p
    I love you :kiss:
    and I can't wait to meet you I'm pretty sure the three of us would hit it off instantly!

    I hope you have a great new year, you are living proof that good things come to those who wait :D and I hope I'll get to know you better in the new year.

    happy 2009 :hug:
    Merry Christmas Denise ! I know yours has been wonderful :)P)!
    Wish you all the best really ! :nice:
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