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  • Didnt take a lot either.. feels weird taking pics of random buildings :lol: haha so true.. even though it's not the band, you might be sitting next to a roadie in the tube, which is also super cool ! :p
    oooh ! I want to see Wembley ! I'll go have a look in the thread.
    btw, which gigs are you going to ? Italy and Wembley only ?
    Dont tell Carla (well she might read that by herself anyway) but I've been seriously thinking of going to Barcelona as well.. if I tempt her, I'll be even more tempted.. :bomb:

    stop with the pressure ! I just said I would post in the technologicalized forum that no one ever reads :laugh3:
    I didnt think anything.. :p

    Glad you had a great time in London ! Doesnt it feel really special to be around those places ?! :nice: too bad the Laurel Tree's soon gonna be a pizza place. Did you take any pics ?

    *feels the pressure for that post* :uhoh:
    okay so maybe i'd go :stunned: :wideeyed: and then stay :wacky: for the rest of my life :lol:

    oh think about it pleassseee :dance:

    I can't make any promises yet, but if I can I'll take you to amsterdam as well!
    what woudl actually happen is me going :
    :stunned: :wideeyed: :dead:


    ohhh yayyy :dance:well please think of Paris or Nijmegen..

    we have extra tickets to the nijmegen gig just so you know :rolleyes:
    Ah! Yes! Please stop by more often and give us lots of pressies :D
    Nothing sounds better than laying back and watching some tv and looking at some hot Berryman pics! Sounds like i should be doing that too! :)
    *ads question to list of questions to ask Guy Berryman* :lol:
    i think i'd just go:
    me:'errmmm Guy?... '
    Guy: 'yeahhhh?'
    me: 'the LIT ii video puppet.... '
    Guy: 'what about it?'
    *throws herself at his feet*
    i know everybody says that! to me he looks like sylvester stallone! how could they do that?! it's hard enough we don't get a ton of hot guy footage for this video, they had to make his puppet look weird too? At least we could have had fun posting that in his thread, now we've made a pact to never post puppet guys in there cause he freaks us out!

    they should've called pris, her Guy puppet his amazing!!
    OMG yayyy

    and that video is :lol: I laughed out loud really hard!

    the puppets freak me out but I still love them! and everything that happens is just so funny, esp the crowd surfing :lol: it's better then what I imagend it to be :D
    what?! :stunned: holy crap drive me crazy you'd better PM me with more details soon you TEASE!!! :p

    it sounds like you had a great time! I trust you'll know where to go when we get to london then :dance: i'll just follow your lead :lol:
    sorry I missed you leave, have a good nights sleep and have an AWESOME time!!

    you better be shooting me some HOTTT pics :D (no pressure :uhoh: )

    see you soon!
    I know! she gives us the slightest hint of some kind of plan, and we go bazookaz! :dance:

    you know I alway have a feeling chris would stay at the bakery untill very late, like middle of the night, cuase he;s obsessive :freak: so my money's on after 1ish, but that's just me.. :D

    ohh and with the betting, I think my date is this sunday so that would be AWESOME (but I don't think it will happen that day)
    I'm a soooo jealous! I'm glad we can count on you with the territory :D

    you'd better ALWAYS have your camera ready :D
    what do you have planned? bakery obvisouly? godd I hope they're there!! :wideeyed: what if debs delivers the postcards when you're there?! OMG i'm outta controll!!
    Aw thanx denise!! I hope you have an amazing new year as well!!

    I saw your picture with picture with Chris and it's one of the sweetest things ever!! I'm really happy for you :nice:
    Thank you Denise! and happy new year ! we've been very good girls on New year :wacky: :p cant wait to be front row with you !!! yaaay !
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