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  • Hi :)

    I've got a question, do you have .vob files of the coldplay videoclips?

    I used to have those files but not anymore :cry:, so I made a search but almost all the links are dead :(

    thanks in advance :D
    i'd love to see it... they really shoudl just realese it for the sake of my health... i;d be instantly cured :lol:
    i keep refreshing youtube, it's bound to show up there soon!
    hey Denise, thank you :kiss:

    those new pics are sure as hell making me feel much better... but also burning me up!!
    wow! che lavoro fai? :stunned:

    hahah, como dicono qui "random but" non so dove, ma ho letto da qualche parte che una di quelle isole e' infestata da fantasmi..
    ma forze sono tutte cavolate, boh :lol:
    si pero' io non volevo andarmene ;__;
    vabbe poi presto ritornero, spero :D
    mio fratello torna il prossimo anno! va a studiare a pisa se non mi sbaglio..

    bello! io a venezia ci sono stata solo una volta, credo che avevo 5 anni? :p
    ci vai spesso?
    you are not OLD!

    and can't make any promises.. but thanks for the piccie! as you can tell your vid has caused a lot in there :D
    goodnight :kiss:
    wanna show the newbies old berrygirls are still playing ! want to join the fun ? :D

    it's somewhere in our thread.. wasnt that good anyway. you did not miss much!

    well, it's like we all know Joe Satri-sth stole the melody first ! he gets the rights ! :lol: :dozey:
    I dont mind sleeping outside actually ! will actually need some practising before Wembley :p

    just keep yourself busy as much as possible.. I'm counting down the day.

    :stunned: what ? new tour ? so you dont believe the rumors.. they're gonna slip up and is gonna be the end of Coldplay. Chris said it many times.. sorry that's what I always get from ignorant people .. :dozey: :rolleyes:
    HAHAAH vivo in new mexico :/ postaccio.. porca miseria >__<
    si, sto studiando qui, pero non e per quello che mi sono tranferita, e' per colpa del lavoro di mio padre.
    cioe', gli hanno offerto un lovoro qua che pagava di piu di quello in italia.. :/

    noo? non fanno vedere piu le iene? hahaha che strano.
    boh. forze mi dispiace perche quando ero per in la' ero piu piccola e ero fissata con la TV :lol:

    te dove vivi in italia? .-.
    does it mean we'll have a place to crash ? :p

    and yeah that's why i'm not stressing out now, cos I know we'll always be able to find tickets for face value or a very reasonable price later ! :D

    this year's gonna fly by again.. :rolleyes:
    l'ultima volta che ero in italia erano due anni fa,
    sono andata a visitare famiglia e amici, ma e' da un casino che vivo qui negli stati uniti..
    mi mancano tutte le mie amiche ;__;

    hahahaha tipica italia allora <3

    e camera caffe? lo fanno ancora vedere? mi piaceva..
    non credo piaceva a molti, ma non ne sono sicura :z

    e le iene sono sicura che lo fanno ancora vedere, vero?
    haha mi mancano i miei 10 canali televisivi italiani hahahah
    that's fine! don't feel sorry...

    btw I loved that goldrush bit! I forgot to tell you, can't wait to hear all of it :wacky: ooohh and that interview :dance: you'll love it!
    Squeeeee at the idea of you maybe coming to Paris or Nijmegen !
    If I could I would do them all as well ! we're such show whores :lol:
    hahaha ! Official Coldplay slave ! :lol: as weird as it may sound, people would actually be jealous of your job ! :lol:

    isnt Italy sold out ? hmmmmmm... temptation !!
    but anyway, I'm not deciding anything now.. just thinking out loud. :p
    off course not! as long as you keep those eyes crossed :p
    i;ve had them crossed for you all last week and it worked :D
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