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  • Thanks. That's nice to hear. I love the fact that the band has grown and is as big as they are, but this business with Rihanna has been a huge disappointment to me. Hey, I still love them!:)
    There's no rush in sending me the pictures (or following me :p ).
    I would like to ask you something though. Would you mind if i sent out some printscreens of the new design, just to see what you think of it? I know you've been following my website for a long time now and I'd appreciate your opinion before I publish it
    I'm gonna let you in with a little secret, so don't tell anyone :eek: (And if someone is lurking here: shame on you !! )
    I'm actually redoing the website, making it more modern up-to-date and much easier to use. Since I'm no web design genious, it's taking me a while and I'm busy with exams and all that crap :p I still can't update the 'old' website, but scans are always welcome! You know that ;-)
    I can tweet them for now, and put them on the brand new website.
    Hey, your favorite Coldplay member is Will Champion! He's my favorite too^^ Drummer on the roll^^ love that kickdrum beat in ETIAW!
    It's true :embarrassed: , I don't have much time anymore and it's about to become worse. Internship for the film festival starts in December, for 2 months.
    So I'll work full time for the festival and do things for the cinema "on the side". :uhoh:
    I'm regularly here, though mostly in WoM, Coldplay and me are not on good terms at the moment. (and I don't follow the news...)
    I dicovered so much great music, Gotye being the newest artist.
    And I'll probably go to see William Fitzsimmons in December!! :awesome:
    Sounded as if you had much fun in Rome! :nice:
    just seen they are doing a gig in LA on Monday, bet he won't be in Graz now... never mind, will be nice to meet you and see Magne again..
    so I'm going to hold you responisble if Guy isn't there this weekend :laugh3: just bought the flight and now trying to find a hotel - yes I know I've left it all very late and it's very unlike me but I given up worrying about the fact I can't afford it now and want to enjoy the Apparatjik experience again (miss it like crazy)
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