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  • Hey Debs,
    Not asking for any real album info here but can we get a time frame for the next big announcement? It's been days of nothing except trolls and rumors and us Coldplayers have been waiting for so long!!!!! Thanks

    PS - Thanks for answering the question about Famous Old Painters.
    Don't know if you check this, but I just wanted to say hello! Not sure either if you remember me from the 'other' board lol but, just wanted to say hi, and thanks for checking in here.. :) you are always welcomed! Say hi to Guy for me!! BERRYWOMAN LIVES ON!!! lol Hope all is well.. :) x
    im so sorry but u probley wont reaply or do this but can u plz ask chris to open a letter i sent him with the addres of the post card from away that cheadle one if he could open it its sayys on it must open before september
    could u do this for me lol im seeing them in wembley in september so thats why i wanted him to open it b4 then : P cheers : )
    Is this really the oracle? I guess you don't use this sort of medium to communicate to fans very often. I would be great if you gave us inside info, but I know that won't happen. I hope you enjoy our postcards, and I understand you must be extremely busy. Bye for now, The Escapist.
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