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  • Moving to sydney for uni is an option that I am pretty keen on. If I get the required ATAR I would like to study at USYD or UNSW but we'll see how that goes. It will probably be harder to get accommodation then the ATAR! If I don't get in, I'll probably go to Newcastle or Armidale for uni.
    As for 2011 music, I can't help but feel the same. Most of the albums I feel are either hyped debuts, disappointing follow ups and I can genuinely say that at the moment there are less than ten albums that I would put above any of the good stuff I heard last year. Still, I am thankful for all the great 2010 there was to start with, maybe it was just an exceptionally good year. I am hopeful that things pick up as well. If there is a lesson I have learnt, some of the most brilliant bands that I have come to love just some out of nowhere and I expect that to happen again soon as well. Also, are you getting excited for Splendour creeping closer? It seems to be one of those festivals that pulls in a great haul every year.

    I better leave it there, for risk of going off on too long of a tangent. I should be studying maths anyways (test this friday, and another next week), but again, its been good hearing from you. Good luck with your workload.
    Hey mate, how are did you enjoy your Queen's birthday holiday? Not working too hard I hope.
    It has been a while since we have caught up, and it's good to hear from you. Nice to come onto the forum for a break every now and then and have a chat about the state of music. HSC isn't going too bad, after-all I am only doing half of it this year, but I'm putting in the study and music is keeping me sane so I'm sure I'll pull through.

    I live on the Mid North Coast. About 20 minutes from the nearest town and 40 minutes from the beach, which is great really, despite the town being a hole. Where I actually live is a house, on a hill in the middle of the bush, surrounded by trees, but the view is marvellous. I can show you some pictures if you like. And now that I'm thinking of it, where about in Sydney do you actually live? Western suburbs somewhere isn't it?

    Hey :) will you send your Arcade Fire top 10 list or not? If you will I guess I can wait a few more days :)
    I just read that ou have 522 songs of Pearl Jam :wacky:

    im not sure i have this much LOL ill count later :D then ill tell you hehe
    Well the best of luck with that. Hope you have a great Christmas and pray that we win at least one bloody game in the Ashes!
    Thanks. Cause I'm only in year 11 next year, I'll be studying:
    Extension 1 & 2 Maths (HSC cause I'm accelerating)
    Advanced and Extension English
    Visual Arts. But I'll probably drop it later.

    So a busy year ahead but I'm really good at all the subjects (I got dux of my year) I think I should be fine. Thanks for the advice.
    Thanks. I suppose I should also let you know that I got 92 in my Mathematics course I did this year for the HSC. You are probably the only person on the forum that understand the significance.
    No problem! Haha, wow. I've been into a lot of different bands since then. :lol:

    Yeah, I'm thinking about it.. This Is Happening, The Suburbs, and One Life Stand are definitely on my list!
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