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  • It's no problem at all! :nice: I've been super busy with school and stuff too, so I totally understand. : )

    Happy belated birthday to you!! :cake: I hope you had a great day. :D And OMG yes I LOVE The Killers!! :dance: That's so cool you got to see them! I would imagine that they would be absolutely amazing live! Did they play all your favorite songs? :)

    As for how I've been lately, I'm doing quite well, thanks! :D I just rescued another kitty recently. She's such a sweetie! :heart:

    I've just basically been trying to keep up with school lately...all the usual stuff...nothing too exciting. :rolleyes: I am very excited for summer though! And my birthday's just a little over a week away. :cool:

    So what about you? Any plans for the summer? :)
    Hey! :D

    Firstly, it's no problem about the late reply. :nice: I'm just sorry that I took so long to reply this time! :p

    As for what kind of guitar I play, I play acoustic, as well! However, I'm saving up for an electric guitar because I would absolutely love getting extra skilled on some epic electric guitar riffs. :guitarist:

    OMG I went to go see another favorite band, Muse, TWICE last month! The concerts seriously changed my life! OMG. :cheesy:

    Oh cool, you ordered a 2nd Mylo sweatshirt?! Awesome! I have a Mylo t-shirt & a Life In Technicolor II t-shirt, and I really need to go on another Coldplay shopping spree. :nod: :laugh3:

    So how've you been lately? Great, I hope!! :happy:

    I shall leave you with one of my favorite Coldplaying emoticons...the elephant: :elephant: :D

    Anyway, I'll talk to ya later! :D
    Hey! :) And thanks. I'm FINALLY over the flu. I feel so hyper now after being so beaten down for weeks! I'm so tired of being tired so now I'm so happy to be over it! :laugh3:

    OMG congrats on going to England this summer! I'm jealous!! :D

    Glad to hear your Christmas was good! Mine was fantastic, I got a new guitar also, iTunes gift cards, tons of clothes, a new iPod player, a blu ray player, some new CD's and some books I'd been wanting, and some cash. :D Also, I'm going to have the opportunity to see Muse TWICE in March!! :shocked2: :dance:

    And yes, I do have some New Year's Resolutions. Some of them are: to be more outgoing and hopefully make lots of new friends this year, to eat healthier, to officially find my culinary school, and to write a handwritten letter of appreciation to everyone who has ever helped me. Someone did that for me once and it meant so much I think it'd be nice to do for others, too! :nice:

    Have you made any resolutions? :)
    Hey sorry for the super late reply! I've had the flu. :( Still feeling horrible, but thought I'd make some time to reply instead of just doing nothing! xD
    Wow, that's really awesome that your cousin is in a band that loves Coldplay! :D
    OMG yes, Live 2012 is bloody amazing!! :cry: :loveshower:
    So, how was your Christmas? Did you get any awesome gifts? Mine was fantastic!
    And what about your New Year's Eve? Did you do anything for that? Hope 2013 has been great to you so far, too! :nice:
    Ah, that so totally stinks that you were in England the one time they were the closest they would have ever been to you. :shame: But hey, you've been to England and therefore breathed the air of their homeplace, so that's something to be proud of!! :nod: :D
    And yeah, I did hear that! I'm SO flippin' excited that Chris is already so giddy and working on new music (just so you know, I use the word "giddy" a lot xD). And haha, well I love the name Mylo Xyloto, but I can remember a long time ago, when they first announced the name, I told my mom, and I pronounced it SO weird, like "Mylo ex-lee-o-toe". :lol: She got the strangest look on her face. Then after I heard the name again, I called it like "Mylo ex-lo-tee-owe". People that heard me pronounce it those ways still have to mention those horrid pronunciations jokingly. xD So yeah, an easier-to-pronounce name for the next album would be cool. :lol:
    Live 2012 is amazing, isn't it? :D
    I can't believe how soon Christmas is! :shocked2:
    You've been to England 4 times!! :shocked2: I'm so jealous!! Lol. And your dad's from there? So he's all British and stuff?! xD

    Aww, well you'll get to see them someday!! :D And yes, I was lucky enough to see them on their June 22nd show this year! Undoubtedly, best night EVER! (Though I spent the majority of it unable to even see because tears were blocking my vision :cry:) It's funny because when I went back and watched the videos I'd taken, you could hear my voice constantly cracking while I was singing because I was crying so much. xD Seriously though, they are just SO freakin' unbelievable. I've always only had the highest levels of respect for that band, yet I walked away from that concert with a whole new love and respect for them. :loveshower: I can't wait for you to see them someday! OMG and just think, by then, there'll probably be NEW Coldplay songs!! :eek: :bliss:
    Oh and have you seen their new Live 2012 film yet? :heart:
    hey! sorry for the late reply. don't worry...you know what? i think i'll get tumblr right now :) i'll add you and you'll be my first friend on tuimblr :) that's if you don't mind :D how have you been lately? what have you been up to?
    Thanks again! I actually like my name. Especially after I found out I was gonna be named Melanie. :shocked2: I was like, "Uh, THANK YOU FOR NOT!!" :lol:
    And sure! :)
    Well there's not a whole lot of them...but yeah, there's a few people who like to start drama on here. Probably just because they have their computer screens to hide behind and don't have to face you in person. :rolleyes: But whatever. They don't bother me. :p
    But yeah you're right, thank god for nice people! Honestly though, most of the people on here are awesome. :nice:
    Really you like Texas? :surprised: I like it, though I hate the year-round tornadoes. :stunned: I hope to live in England someday though!! At least for a little while. :D I just think that'd be so epic.
    So have you ever seen Coldplay live? :)
    Hey again! :D
    Aww thanks! I like your name, too. :)
    And sure! When I first became a member of Coldplaying.com about a year ago, there were some really nice welcomers so I try to welcome newcomers, too. :laugh3:
    Haha, don't worry about being popular on here. I used to post a lot, but realized there are quite a few bullies on here (it's like those cliques like in school or something :rolleyes:) but don't mind them, and besides, there really are tons of truly awesome people on here, too! :nod:
    And I'm from Texas (sorta near Dallas). But before you ask, no, I don't wear boots and hats and have a hick accent. xD Not at all. In fact, I stifled my accent when I was about 7...now I just have more of the "standard" American accent. :lol: So you're from NJ? Cool! I spent a lot of time there because of my dad's job when I was little.
    Sorry this message is so long... :eek:
    So how long have you been a Coldplayer? :chris: :will: :guy: :jonny: <--Coldplay! :wacky:
    And thanks for replying! :shy:
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