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Recent content by Darlene_Ihnfsa

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    Who's Diggin Orange is The New Black?

    I like both seasons, they seem different which they are, but so far I like it. We'll see what the next season might be like.
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    Boyhood (film, featuring Yellow!)

    I watched the movie and liked it a lot. Yes, made me think back of my childhood and my early teens, thinking this or that mentioned real event, I was bla bla age at the time. Anyone else has watched the movie? Thoughts?
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    The Sims

    I play it, sims 2 and 3. Didn't like the 3rd that much. I'm not sure I'll get the 4, surely if I do would be a special pack because that way each extra is cheaper than buying item by item. Other than that way I don't get extensions of any kind. Is the 4th any good? One of the most shocking...
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    Who's Diggin Orange is The New Black?

    Just wached the first season, right now I'm at the begining of the second season. Is just awesome, I really enjoy the way they get into the character's stories, some are really surprising.
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    ¿Y ahora qué piensas?

    quiero más golly. los gifsets son un peligro.
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    What would you have as a superpower?

    I know :P And I have to agree with the church part, but main problem there is I have the feeling many people haven't cared to read the new testament on their own and got their own understanding, so we are following a tradition someone setted, that legitimated via the governments and so on, kinda...
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    I'm glad I'm not a girl

    Yeah because we all know is better to let someone learn something the bad way, sure that's the best school. Many parents let that subject to be taught in school... many things in education, most the social-wise are a task that should do the parents and teachers together, imo. I have many female...
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    What would you have as a superpower?

    What did I do to end in hell? :stunned: Anyways as someone already said, who can assure us that earth is not just the hell of another dimension? Is said there's a 4th and 5th dimension were shapes and strengths are different, I guess magnetism aswell, so we could be able to cross a wall and...
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    I'm glad I'm not a girl

    *clap to the OP* True, girls have it hard (I noticied that when I was like 6 and I would spend 5 years randomly saying "I'd rather be a guy" to my parents, which then turned on me being just a little bit feminist, I'm not going to be sorry because I trust in equality). I didn't fit in the caring...
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    Why do girls.....!!!!

    Both men and women sometimes take time to answer a message could be due to different reasons: - they are busy - they don't know what to say (say you asked something you never asked before) - there's been a misunterstanding on something you said and they don't know how to bring it up. Less often...
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    What would you have as a superpower?

    Not sure if is on the list, but I'd pick astral projection which apparently some people reported to be able to do, basically is kinda like what happens on Insidious movie. It'll be interesting to move on a different dimension.
  12. D

    So how was the first half of 2014 for you?

    Not as good as I hope the second half will be, always is better to look at the bright side, find something to keep us moving. I've finally come to admit some problems that were floating around and I'm willing to work hard on fixing them, so I'm really looking forward to this new course and hope...
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    Post a pic of your pet

    My two cats, Chisa (female, 5 y.o.) and Croque (male, 1 y.o), the picture was taken a year ago and they were still getting along.
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    Learn Assorted Languages With Assorted Coldplayers

    Does this project is still active? Any chance I can find a fellow coldplayer to help me learn norwegian?
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    ¿Y ahora qué piensas?

    ¡que no cunda el pánico!