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Oct 12, 2014
Aug 28, 2003
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Sep 23, 1986 (Age: 32)
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Rising, 32, from Bavaria-Bohemia-Silesia

Darlene_Ihnfsa was last seen:
Oct 12, 2014
    1. Coeurli
      There are similarities. A woman and a man who get together on a case and eventually become partner. At first there's a bit of an animosity between them, followed by a development of the partnership, deeper feelings, still some attraction (one of the reasons of the original animosity) which makes it turn to love. We can't see them not working together despite being a couple. Oh, and both Castle & Bones are quite famous for writing novels (though Bones is also famous because she's the best anthropologist in the world).
      I don't know if it could have been a better season finale. This one's good enough for me, though I gotta admit probably less than the third season finale.
    2. Coeurli
      Oooh yeah it was good! :awesome:
      Leaves lots of questions for next season! Though I think I'll watch it again to be sure I got every detail.
      That guy, the shooter, is interesting. Apparently he's working for someone, right ? Then I wonder, what makes him so determined. It's gotta be something more than money.
      And OHMYGOD FINALLY! Can't wait to know what comes next for Castle & Beckett. I hope they won't be a "stable couple" (right away). Don't want it to be like Bones.
      And I'm sad about that story about Ryan & Esposito being in cold :( But it makes me want to see the next season even more!
    3. Coeurli
      :thinking: I think so...This story will definitely have repercussions on their relationship :nod:
      Hopefully something will happen that will make them come to the point where they'll have to stop lying to each other. We'll see :nice:
    4. Coeurli
      Yes I agree he over-reacted, but it's because inside he's not very self-confident, so he can only think of one reason. And, also, for script/series story/length reasons : it would have been too easy otherwise.
      Oooh :surprised: I can"t wait til next episode! :bomb:
    5. Coeurli
      YES. First i was like: "oooh then maybe... :surprised:" but then I was "NOOOOO!! :bigcry:"
      Yes, and I'm sure they will be mind-blowing :nod:
    6. Coeurli
      Yes great end :awesome: I can't wait either! I read next episode is on March 19th :bomb:
      Nice memes :lol:
      Oh wow, yes, we should at least bump this thread!

      Happy Chris Martin Day to you too :wacky:
    7. illuvcoldplay
      Hey I'm great hun, thanks for asking hope you have a great week :D
    8. illuvcoldplay
      Heya how are you ???
    9. Coeurli
      Yeah, mind-blowing! Can't wait til next week! :wacko:
    10. Coeurli
      Hi :nice:
      I started this summer actually. It's been like a year since it's broadcast on French TV, but for some reason I wasn't interested. But last summer I got a bit curious and downloaded the first episode and I absolutely LOVED IT, and I've watched all the episodes and I follow since last September :D
    11. Rivers of Avalon
      Rivers of Avalon
      hey there thank u for the new year wish :DDDD
      sorry its a lil late response :D
    12. e!f
      a month late but; wish you a good year,hope it has been a fine one by now.(:
    13. Petit Prince
      Petit Prince
      Sorry for the late reply! Yeah all our exams are around the same time. After that I'm done with lectures and we've got a couple of months to write our dissertation. Good luck with your exams, hope it all goes well!
    14. fifi
      I know I'm late but HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :D
    15. eff-exx
      Oh, good luck!!! :hug:
      I'm all right, at the moment no studies because I'm waiting for results. Having a great time, actually. :D
    16. Megalomania
      Same to you, Happy New Year (a few days late! :P) :heart:
    17. Clocks In My Place
      Clocks In My Place
      Thank you, Ari! HAPPY new year to you too! :nice:
    18. Petit Prince
      Petit Prince
      Good luck! I know can do it! Thankfully I haven't got any exams at the minute but we've got loads of coursework to do over Christmas. All our exams are around Easter time, so scared! x
    19. Petit Prince
      Petit Prince
      Happy belated new year! How are you doing? Hope things are going well x
    20. S.@.m.
      [email protected]
      Thank you!

      Happy New Year for you too! :hug:
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    Sep 23, 1986 (Age: 32)
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    no rompas el silencio si no es para mejorarlo.

    nadie me dirá que jamás alcanzaré la cima que yo quiero ascender

    W W Cervantes D?

    life is for living, care to live it fully.

    be back in 2023. (20th anniversary).