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Oct 12, 2014
Aug 28, 2003
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Sep 23, 1986 (Age: 32)
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Rising, 32, from Bavaria-Bohemia-Silesia

Darlene_Ihnfsa was last seen:
Oct 12, 2014
    1. grids
      Aww, dont worry you're not alone. I have been in your shoes too, but I kinda have some plans of what to do for the next 4-5 years, hopefully they are vivid enough and I could turn them into reality :) Have a great day Ari :D
    2. grids
      Been good my friend. How are you doing? :)
    3. grids
      Happy birthday darling! :hug: :kiss:
    4. grids
      Ari?? :O
    5. Matter-Eater Lad
      Matter-Eater Lad
      How have you been, stranger?
    6. Coeurli
      Thanks, I wish you the same! :cheesy:

      Yes, I have!!! Great stuff so far! :awesome:
    7. Coeurli
      Hi :D

      Okay, I guess. School is starting to take all my time and it's quite annoying and exhausting. nd you ? :)
    8. nancyk58
      Congratulations on your birthday. I hope that you are going to have a wonderful day.
    9. Coeurli
      Well, I'd like to go to an English-speaking country. I went through all the partnerships with my university months ago, and my 2 choices would be between Dublin and Edinburgh. But we have to have one favourite and I can't pick one :bigcry:

      Oh that's nice :surprised:

      Thank you! Same for you!!!
    10. Coeurli
      I'll begin my 2nd year this September, actually. I've been very good with numbers in high school, but it got difficult the past year (I had to learn formulas for the first time in years in maths, and omg accountings is SO difficult, and we have Chinese students in our class and I'm not even being racist when I say they rock with numbers :lol: ). The mkg class is my favourite, it is so interesting.
      Oh, that's interesting!!!
      I may study abroad next year (the year starting September 2013)
    11. Coeurli
      Yeah, as they both seem to be heavily based on latin, they often are quite similar (I guess that's the reason), so it wasn't too difficult.
      Atm I study Business (sales & marketing) in a 2-year kind of diploma. What do you do ?

      Yeah, sure!
    12. Coeurli
      My parents, my sister and I went to Spain for 3 weeks, yes :) (although my sister left early) We went to Platja d'Aro for a few days and we visited Girona, and then we went to Dénia for about 2 weeks (we also went to the beach in Javea/Xabia, which is next to Dénia). When we drove my sister to the airport of Alicante, we then went to Altea (what a beautiful village omg :awesome: ) . We also went to beaches in Calpe and Morraira, and we also visited the historical centre of Xativa. Finally before coming back home we stopped in Barcelona for a couple of days. It was my first time there, and I do not speak Spanish at all, as I studied Italian as a second language at school, but not Spanish. However now I know a very few words, so I can order things at a restaurant for instance :lol: But I'm not able to make sentences.

      I understand, it'll probably be the same for me too.
    13. Coeurli
      Yes, that's gonna be fun :awesome: It reminds me of Friends' season 5, when Chandler & Monica were hiding their relationship from the rest of the gang :awesome:
      About her mother's case, I think that if there are too many twists it'd become weird & too complicated and might ruin it. And I see your point. I say we just see where things lead us. I too hope it's just your imagination!

      Omg tell me about it! I was in Spain for 3 weeks in August! It was so hot, omg!! Good that you enjoyed spending time with your family.

      I hope you keep posting here at least from time to time for a long time! :)
    14. Coeurli
      Oh right! I remember that!
      Well, for now they can't be banned or anything, as Kate is not a cop anymore. Sure, she'll be back there soon, but for now she doesn't have to respond to Gates!
      I think we'll go forwards on Kate's mother's case, but I don't think they'll end it soon. It's one of those stories that makes the show go on for long and makes it more dynamic at times. I think that this season, sure there'll be stuff happening regarding that, but when we think it's over they'll probably add a twist or something like that.

      My summer has gone very well thanks :D How was yours ?
      Wow, 9 years!!! Happy Anniversary!!!! That's impressive btw!!!
    15. Coeurli
      Yup, no spoiler. I've read an interview but I don't think they were being specific, it was quite vague so I don't really remember much of it. Ah, yes, except for the fact that Castle & Beckett may stay together for long, but not in a Bones-boring-baby way.
      I wonder what they mean by "if it was the biggest mistake they ever made", as the voice over says it while they show action moments. Also, the moment where he's wakin up. It is put after "it wasn't a dream". Did they mix up the order of the sequences intentionally, or do they really happen in that order ? Anyway, a few questions adding up to others from the last episode of the season :wideeyed:

      I know tumblr quite well, but I don't think I'm gonna join, as I'm already quite addicted to CPing AND Twitter, and I'm gonna have to work a lot this year, so I don't think joining another social network would be a good idea for me :lol:
    16. Coeurli
      No I don't have tumblr.

      Oooooh that's interesting!!! :surprised::wideeyed:
      Can't wait to watch the episode this September!
    17. Coeurli
      No I haven't! Do you have a link ?
    18. the3jr
      I hope you got my reply PM btw. and please tell me when/if my letter gets there! Gracias!
    19. Coeurli
      I see, I see. That would be pretty interesting. He's the one who first said "it's your mother's case". There must be something. But given her reaction when Castle told her, if something ever happens and Espo really hides something and she discovers it...OHMY! Anyway, can't wait for next season!
    20. Coeurli
      It is indeed suspicious that suddenly he disappeared and that Ryan, not Espo, ended up saving Beckett. Otherwise I'd say he's just being very supportive to her.
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    Sep 23, 1986 (Age: 32)
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    no rompas el silencio si no es para mejorarlo.

    nadie me dirá que jamás alcanzaré la cima que yo quiero ascender

    W W Cervantes D?

    life is for living, care to live it fully.

    be back in 2023. (20th anniversary).