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  • :(I've got some old and stupid ones as well, as my Natural Sciences teacher! She gave me a bad grade while a class mate who copied some questions from my test:laugh4:and she had two more questions right than me, she got 20 more points than me:angry:That happens me all the time with that teacher! She doesn't like me:\ Once a class mate had his test almost all wrong and he had 70/100 and I had it almost all right and I had 54/100!!! SO DAMN UNFAIR!!
    Always hot around Chris :rolleyes::rolleyes: haha
    Oh poor Chris... your family ate his cake ... :eek: I think we should cheer him doing something more... :wink3:
    School=bad thing xd These days i daydream about the dream i had the other night (the one with the swimming pool and etc) :wink3::wink3: What about u? Anything new??

    Love u Tara !!! :D:D:kiss::kiss:
    I can imagine him ^^... very happy about his cake baked by you :rolleyes: Awww 32 years... He should be the god of the sexiest men with more than 30 years :wink3::wink3:
    Here it's quite cold too ¬¬ I have a theory: i think if u are with Chris, even if u are in Russia, the cold would disappear!!:sneaky::sneaky: lol

    Yesterday i was all the day studing, because today i had a difficult exam...:\ And in five minutes, i have to go school again!! :inquisitive:
    And what about? How was ur day? :D

    Love u Tara!!! :hug:
    Well, after my super dream with Chris and the swimming pool i had one with Chris as my music&physics teacher!! He was a really good teacher :wink3: The BEST teacher !! But i wasnt in my school... i was in a wood or something similar... And then i remember i went to a Coldplay concert in a beach !! Lately i have crazy dreams with Chris !! And I love them (LL) :sneaky::sneaky:
    And have u lately any interesting dream (or daydream!)?? :wink3::wink3:

    Love u Tara !! :D:D
    are you on the east coast as well?
    i know!! my teacher even told us on the first day of school that we wouldn't use it! i was like then why are we learning it?!
    we haven't done trig stuff yet but this sucks. and i hate math, i don't care about it.
    I MIGHT HAVE A SNOW DAY TOMORROW!!:D:dance::D:dance:
    ugh, i didn't even do all of my math work, i had no idea what i was supposed to do :uhoh:!
    that would be the best class EVER!!!!:D i'd actually like school!
    Omg, i think i have answered u at Youtube at the same time u answered me here!! haha Funny xdxd
    Yes... I recognize it... They were with me :wink3:!! and I apologize !! :embarassed: Ifu want u can have them this weekend. Only-for-you. :D Now you are the lucky!! Awwww :dance: Congratulations!! ^^ lol
    I really want to continue my dream tonight!! If it dont happend i think i'll throw some animal into a swimming pool and wait for Chris to rescue it!! haha :thinking:

    Love u Tara !!!!! :wink3::wink3::wink3:
    Why are u dealing with ur parents?
    You know i have daydreamed too !! :wink3: And last night i have another dream with Coldplay !! (only Chris really). Just four words to explain it: *Pants*Chris*SwimmingPool*Hotel* :whistle: You can imagine it!! (i have to clarify that he was rescuing a cat in the swimming pool !! :p)

    And dont worry about the exam !! :)
    Love u Tara !! ;)
    I dont know why we always imagine about start a new life with coldplay around the world :thinking: Never mind! It's a great idea haha :wink3: Omg, im imagining we with them in their hotel room and they walking with a towel after a shower (or without it, why not? :rolleyes:)... Buffff :bomb:
    And more things like this :rolleyes:

    Well, youtube hates me too :inquisitive:

    Love u Tara :kiss:
    Of course he would love me!! :rolleyes: And that would be the start of my new life with Chris & Coldplay around the world!! :sneaky: (dont worry, u could join my new life haha) ^^

    She's very lucky, and i hate her a bit (that's the main reason which i tried kill her in my dream xdxd)

    I think u should see the new bg in my youtube channel!! :wink3::wink3:

    Love u Tara !!! <3<3
    Hello there! Why did you add me? (not that this is a bad thing, LOL, I'm just curious =P)
    Hi Tara! Thanks for your messages. I'm sorry I haven't replied sooner but I've been really busy with my writing (poetry). I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day. I agree with you that all of Coldplay's songs are great but some of my favourites are Fix You, Viva la Vida, Reign of Love, Lovers in Japan, In My Place, I Bloom Blaum and I could go on and on!! :)
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