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  • Hey, wow that sounds pretty cool.
    I hope you got cool neighbours around there who won't complain about the rehearsing...I like the idea of being creative with two things, you might be able to combine film and music..
    I am good...just kinda busy recently. Still working and I need to study for my final exam which is on the 4th of May. Sometimes I feel like things are going so fast now and I still don't have a clue what will happen in summer...I don't know why but sometimes I think that there will be some kind of "wonder" which will lead me to the right thing ahh
    Hope you are having some nice holidays!
    Hey how are you?
    Thanks. You are right. I think following your heart is always the best thing and I might have neglected that too often in the past. So, I'll let you know if my creative outlet happens.
    Hey, I've seen your vid in the "music other people might like" thread....sounds good...I really like your voice. I finally made it and checked out the links in your sig and listened to the other stuff....I hope many people get to hear this....congrats on the record!
    oh wow nice! Yeah I've tried to record my own stuff, but it's not easy. So I give you a lot of props, especially since the sound quality and mix is great!

    but yeah listening to these songs I'm really impressed... very talented!
    Just giving your tunes a listen on reverbnation... they're really good! :thumbsup:

    Did you record it all on your own or do you have a band?
    yeah, that happened to me quite a lot, too and it is definitely quality over quantity. I don't really care about how many friends I have as long as I can trust the ones I have (and there are usually not many people you can really trust....)

    I am going to bed now

    see you around and good luck in finding the glasses:wacko:

    thanks for accepting my request

    I read what you wrote in the what have you learned thread and all I can say is that you are freaking right, because I've learned this far too often in the past....so you're not the only one...too many people just suck ahah
    Holy shi, The Chad, talk about ole schoo.

    I'm good, I've had a lot of haircuts since we last spoke and I assure you they were all sharp. I noticed you have an album or summit, I'll get around to listening to it ASAP.

    OK to be honest ASAP means when I've watched the entire series of Campus and got to 30% on GTA4, could be a few days.

    How have you been?
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