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  • Thanks!
    I love him alot too.
    ANd yes, he's a mix.
    We aren''t 100% sure of exactly what he is a mix of, but we think it is an australian shepherd with some other kind of cattle dog, or possibly a blue heeler.
    He is definitely adorable though.

    My mom calls him the coldplay dog now.
    well, i actually happened to luck out with that photo. I used a crappy digital camera i had, and it just so happened to turn out really great!
    I do like photography though!
    haha. Yes. that is me.
    And i was pretty excited about it.
    I mean wouldn't you be?
    Me and my dog on Coldplay.com?!!
    Hell yeah!
    Hi.:)thanks for the friend request.:)I gave a invitation to my group for you if you like it you can join there.:)
    yeah i know my friends name is kyra :D
    dreams are the bomb :dozey:
    except when you get woken up by your mom
    aww thank you i like that you like long stories :wacky:
    hi kyra :p
    i love that name its so pretty :D
    and awww thank you i had a dream about it thats how i got the idea ill have to finish typing it up tomorrow though i cant wrap my head around what i want to write down lol
    sorry for them being so long :shame:
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