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  • yep i did the same :p lol nothing.. but its okay the point was to get lots of $$ for charity :D I mean what band does that? :heart: theyre just so generous;) and they're on the hope for haiti show tomorrow! XDXD

    yeah that actually makes more sense:\ i'm not sure why we call it finals now and at the end of the year.:tongue:lol but i'm glad the weeks almost over, i have easy tests tomorrow :p

    mmmm aww chrissy:) i remember when he ran past us to the c stage, and everyone was like bombarding him on both sides of the stairway trying to touch him :Dhaha

    Yeah, private costs money, i think it depends on the school:\ the one i went to is pretty expensive for middle school, and like the price of college for high school:p Well, it was a good experience but i don't think i could've lasted another 4 years with a class of 75 in a private school..:p so i switched.

    Yep we've had like constant rain since saturday, and me living in california for my whole life i can't stand rain for long periods of time:p so its been pretty annoying. In fact I had soccer practice earlier today and the field was flooded nd it was covered in puddles, there really was no point in even practicing. but we did anyways.. :tongue:

    hahaha i'm not good at tellng stories either:) lol or explaining things apparently,in fact my friend told that to me today haha; yeah! so i downloaded beach chair like a few months ago, i didnt know about it for a while. At the beginning i just knew vlv, clocks, speed of sound, the scientist and yellow :)
    Ohhhh you've seen them 3 times!! XDnice !! aww i didn't know they had bat confetti that s pretty amazing;) hahah yepp I wanna touch them too! ! hahahaha :Dyeaah ...... so I saw them july 13 09, and i saw chris on oct 25 09 for the bridge benefit. Bothh were amazing beyond anything!! aww thats so cool your uncles into them! i got my sister/dad into them and my friend, and her dad :) its prettty cool haha

    haha hmm...i actually dont relaly remember when i started thinking chris was cute, i think i always thought he was weird b/c of the way he plays the piano and how he always dances around stage, :) but really those things are what make him incredible!! And yes that is so true!!!!! :D as much as i judge ppl by their looks, it seems i'm often wrong, and i misjudge who they are. (whether its good or bad) . ok that was bad explaining...see i'm not good at this!? :plol

    Well, even thouh I first starting liking coldplay for their music, songs like yellow,the scientist, the hardest part, fix you..... sowithout a doubt I started loving them, and I still do. But once I started getting into their music, i would watch them talk and perform more often and then I fell in love with them as people too :) especially Chris, probably for obvious reasons, b/c hes the frontman and he talks the most :D but I love all 4 of them on so many different levels, i could write a 10 page paper on why they're so brilliant. but i won't. at this moment. ;)
    :dead: omg it took me 5 days to reply :( im sry :hug: ive never heard of lane bryant :confused: and thx :) im guessing u read the new roadie#42 blog then :dance:
    Hahah yep meeee too:D
    Yeah I was hoping to get possibly a lithograph from the auction..maybe? :rolleyes3: But I certainly did not :cry: Although I'm glad the boys got a lot of money from selling their stuff!:p YES! I did that too, i made an ebay account with my sister and we bid on I think a Yellow lithograph on like the 3rd day? :smug:It was fun though haha

    Yep, we're only halfway through the school year! :tongue: (which means finals though...)
    yesss I know I'm taking a break from studying for my math final tomorrow by going here on cping:D hahah that's still cool:) I must say Chris is pretty gorgeous;)
    Yeah :(well I went to private in middle school with her, which is also a high school, so she stayed there.But i moved on the public school (For multiple reasons) so we don't see each other daily but we still hang out when we can!and talk about coldplay of course:p (and other things of course lol)
    OKAY this is really random but it is like gushing rain outside, I'm not kidding, it sounds like there's a flood outside and the wind is gonna knock down our house...:uhoh: it's getting prety loud
    awwww beautiful story!! :happy2: that's cool that you like chris on beach chair too:) before you knew alot about coldplay! thats amazing when did you go to their concert? I rmemeber trying to get into their July 08 concert in San Jose but the rest of my fam didn't really want to pay big(since they didn't rlly know CP then, unlike now!!)
    Hhahah!! that's when you started thinking that chris is hot niceeee:D
    hahaha thats hilarious though:D yeah i would have to get them all correct too:rolleyes3: haaha just for the satisfaction lol
    Yehhh I was so proud of my friend she got like pix from coldplay.com and roadie#42's blogs so they were good ones:laugh3: i think you have to pay for shutterfly if you want to like make something, like cards or ..calendars lol :nice:but to store photos its free
    AHHH I had total false hope I totally wanted like ALL auction stuff i'm like HOLY CRAP IM tottaly gonna buy everything!! :Daahaha yehh that didn't happen quite obviously

    Nice! well just take your time :)I'm sure an opportunity to talk to him(about coldplaaay:dance:) will come up soon!! XDohhhhh me too!! it sucks when i talk about coldplay my friends eiether just stare blankly at me or start laughing at my obsessiveness:p lol
    Haha that's cool yeppp i can only imagine the conversations you two obsessed coldplayers must have hahah:wink3: yepp thats true I love my semi-coldplay obsessed friend:) we also met in middle school but we go to diff schools now(she goes to private, im at public):cry: but of course we still hang out lots:) AND yeah my sister got obsessed after i influenced her, shes pretty obsessed, she'll like abuse ppl who don't like coldplay ...hhaha, verbally and physically apparently..:D its actually rlllly funny
    ANYWays I became obsessed like ..in i think May 2008? so its been less than 2 yrs, which is not too long..considering its their 12th birthday!.!!...so yeah I was flipping thru channels and i saw the boys on storytellers, and i mean i knew about viva la vida (the song)and thats it so i decided to watch it and I fell IN LOVE with yellow :guitarist: (the first song they played) and thats how it all started XD !!! :heart:haha how about you?
    hha yeah, and the chrissy pic is so cute -as always- but the funniest thing is that i'm sure chris couldn't see anything :laugh3:

    mm in summer here is really hot, and with this thing about the global warming everything is so changed, the summer is hotter and the winter is colder :\
    well, the truth is that since i met coldplay, my life has been like summer the 365 days :laugh3:
    Haha they had a quiz?!:lol: I'm sure you did wonderfully:) like wat were some questions?
    YEp i LoVE the calendars, shutterfly is like where you can store and share digital phots, but its also used to like personalize items, so my friend made me the personalized calendar with diff CP photos from the internet for each month it was such a cool present:D oh yessss i try to tell ppl what i got for xmas..haha they think im crazy..:tongue:
    AHH i wanted chris jacket from the auction, but nO way i was getting it:) one can hope though lol and yep the sigg bottle:wacky: my sister loves them lol:D

    Hahaha is he in any of your classes? :) thats so cool you have a coldplay obsessed friend:laugh3: did you meet her/him like recently?or like a few yrs ago? I only have semi-obsessed friends:p but iguess i count my sister and her obsessed friend we are all obsessed:cool:
    haha you were in the bathroom?! :laugh3: i'm glad left in time :p

    i would tell you what paja means but i don't know how to explain it in english :laugh3:

    yeah, i went by car, and i've just arrive, i'm cheking if there is new info about CP, o mails, messages, everything, ohh god, i wanted to log in here in cping while i was there but i couldn't because i didn't remember the password :rolleyes:
    god, is so fuckin hot here, i miss the countryside now, hahaha
    Yah, it's pretty annoying, but well I just kind of lol'd because everyone knows it's complete bullshit. I wonder if the boys have heard about it yet.
    Nice! ;)ooh unauthorized dvd....:sneaky:that should b interesting haha umm Let's see..I got 2 CP calendars, the official one and my friend made me one on shutterfly with a bunch of pix from the internet:D and the black viva jacket with "COLDPLAY" on the back:wacky: For my sister I got her the viva sigg bottle:) lol
    OMG haha you did? awww :smug:you should have converstations with him about Coldplay and how great they are:) I wish there were ppl like that at my school..there's only minor fans and i don't count them..
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