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  • No worries about the late reply! :nice: Glad to hear from you though. : ) Oh cool! How was Denmark? :wacko: Oh awesome! Louise seems like a very cool person. I'll bet you two Coldplayers had a lot of fun! Sort of random question, but I was wondering if you are also a Muse fan, as well?
    Yes, my penpal is a Coldplayer. You might know her! Her name is Elin Andersson and she always has her hair dyed pink. :lol: Haha, Texas is a rather nice place to live, though I have a dream to one day live in England. :D Oh wow so you've seen Coldplay a few times! Their June 22nd stop this year was actually my first time!!! It was SUCH a dream come true as I've wanted to see them for years!! :heart: And yes, I was crying and screaming all throughout! This guy behind me actually told me to "be quiet" at one point but I didn't care, I just went on screaming just as loud as ever and absolutely enjoying every moment of the show. :dance: They played Warning Sign & Speed of Sound, which are two of my absolute favourites, so I was very thankful for them, but every single thing they played was just amazing! Are there any songs in particular that you'd really like to see live that you haven't yet? I'd really love to see Swallowed in the Sea as it's a very special song to me. :wacky:
    I'm actually from Texas, near Dallas. So you're from Sweden? That seems like such a beautiful place!! I actually have a penpal from there and she has me wanting to visit that country someday. :wacko: Oh and I got to see Coldplay since I last talked to you and they put on the most amazing show!! I was crying throughout most of it because it was just such a dream come true for me to get to see my favourite band performing live. :dance: So, what shows have you seen of theirs? :D
    Oj det var visst en annan Olivia (jätteläskigt för den andra Olivia är också 96:a, stod längst fram på WTAI och grät och hahah??) men ÖOIHÖSOIHAÖOIJÖAM var det du som träffade Chris???? Läste om det och såg bilderna och allt för några veckor sedan men fattade aldrig att det var du, är så jäkla jäkla glad för din skull, på allvar (och så otroligt avundsjuk)!!! Vilken jäkla drööömmm. Åååååååh grattis eller vad säger man!!! Blev verkligen jättejätteglad över att läsa detta! MEN ÅH ALLTSÅ BNPS()YH)H(I)NMJ08ter097bhy+p0hy8()=YHph!!!!!!!!!
    That's good you like random things because I am extremely random. :lol: But oh my goodness I'll bet it does just seem like a wonderful dream! I couldn't even imagine it! :wacko: I'm going to get to see them live next Friday and that is exciting enough but I sure wish to meet Chris someday, as well. :cheesy: Congrats once again! Plus is was very sweet of you to think of your friend so that she could talk to him, as well!! :nice:
    Oh and thanks for the friend request! You've been accepted! : )
    The concerts were AMAZING !!! Really good obviously I don't have enough good and expressive words to describe how great it was specially sunderland and I'am quite sure that Chris remembered me he winked at me while singing Yellow :dazzled: and looked at me once in manchester (i think that he was thinking : "ooh no not her again " haha) Anyway I WAS SOOO FUCKING HAPPY
    Still making my presentation for tomorrow. God, I'm tired. I really feel like just falling asleep..What are you up to?
    Hey I know this is random but I just had to say that I saw your pictures and read your story on the "I HAVE MET CHRIS" thread and just thought it was SO awesome! Congratulations! What an amazing thing!!!! :D :D
    Hey !! I really cannot believe it if it wasn't for the pictures i would have convinced myself that it was just a dream!! He was really nice !! OMG I'am still excited about it Best day of our life isnt'it ?
    my name on FB is Boyeon Park:)
    I gave up so early then!!!!! stupid me D; as I told youu I was there not 5th but 4th.... I should've visited bakery that next day too....*big sigh
    gosh will there be another chance for me to go their studios? or even London?

    Anyway Lucky you <3 xxx and good to see you again xxx really!
    Already read your thread and that makes me wonder everything of Chris.....
    I can't even imagine it oh so sweet!
    Oooooh. That song is beautiful. :dead: My favorite part is And I know I'm dead on the surface
    But I'm screaming underneath *sigh*
    Not really anything.. My brain keeps replaying Charlie Brown for me.. I really like that song. :wacky:
    Oh oh! I am doing something! I'm facebooking with you! :escaping: Always fun. :nice:

    Are you doing anything?
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