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  • Hey am new here I finally got this website thought it never existed. I love coldplay so much tell me more about Coldplay and Chris


    maybe I should :awesome:

    Yea right? Man this really bothers me. And people writing these reviews and opinions feel like the most brilliant people in the world ~___~ Maybe I should write a review about a dog turd I found and how much it emotionally moved me because NOBODY BLOODY CARES :saw:

    I hope I didn't come across like some angry lunatic LOL

    oh now thats great <__<
    I love cats :cheesy: But I understand you, they are some little nasty creatures LOL

    Nawww thanks :wacky:
    lol dude, SO MANY:


    didn't know that people liked freaky cats THAT much :uhoh:
    LOL it's the internet dude, where else do you get the opportunity to annoy people to no end without getting beaten up or something? :lol:

    thank you for sharing your pervy thoughts, and yes I understand you, I wouldn't have posted that either to perv that place up..

    .. well screw that, I pretty sure would have done that! :lol:
    YEAH! :dance:

    Soo uhh, what colour would you like to have? Blue, red, green and violet are already taken :anxious:
    Ahhh thank you! Gonna check it out later! :awesome:

    I know, you've just changed your avatar, but do you want to take part in my crazy kitty avatar project? I had a random brainfart last night and decided to spread some kitty love in this forum during the next 2 weeks until Christmas. And with that I mean making cat avatars for the coolest persons of my friendlist, but not just some lame-ass-cute-fluffy-cat avatars but awesome freaky RIGHT-IN-YO-FACE ones like my one :awesome: So I'm asking you if you want to take part in my insane kitten project and replace your avatar for about 2 weeks with one of mine (you can say what colour you want your kitteh to be :wacko:) just for the LULZ (and to confuse the other members about why in God's name there are so many freaky kittens around :wacky:)

    SO ARE YE INTERESTED :wideeyed:
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