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  • Winter over there is really cold, isn't it? In Uruguay we don't have snow but we have lots of fog and rain in winter. It happens the same to me, at first I listen to it all day long and then I stop listening to it for a couple of days so it doesn't lose its "magic" :p
    Yeah, i'm enjoying it quite a lot! I already visited a lot of places :D
    I have one brother who is 7 years older than me but we get along really well though :lol: he is not here, he'll come next weekend and will stay until we go back to Uruguay!
    Yeah, that's what I thought too. Sadly, these kind of things happen everyday in Uruguay and some people are not as lucky as I was..
    I think there'll be another album, didn't Jonny said that a few days ago? the MX era does look amazing, I love the idea of the wristbands! you can try to make a fan page on facebook only for romanian fans and then ask someone who brings bands to your country for Coldplay!
    Yeah, I guess this is just the way we are :p
    Yeah, when the new songs were played live for the first time it was winter in Uruguay so it was really good to have some new "happy" songs to survive the cold weather :lol: But I guess I got a bit tired of it because I listened to it too many times :p You will some day! :nice:
    I moved here with my family, because my father's job. But it's just for one year, we have 8 months left here.
    I don't know why, they were good shoes, quite expensive but I didn't doubt for a second, my life was much more valuable at that moment! :confused: Luckily, a taxi driver stopped and took as home.
    Yeah, I think they wanted to do something different, which I respect, but I really want the next album to be more "Coldplay" if you know what I mean :p
    It's okay, I write a lot too, sorry for that :lol:
    To be honest, i'm not much of a fan of MX :lol: I like it, but I prefer VLV or AROBTTH :p But I can't wait to see them live next month!
    I don't miss it really, I mean, i'm staying only one year here, there's no point on missing my country when i'll go back in a few months :p What I miss the most is my family and friends, but some are coming to visit me so it's not that bad :D
    Wow, beach and mountains close sounds really cool!!
    Yeah, it was horrible, I didn't got shot luckily, but I nearly got stabbed, and they took away all my money, my phone and my shoes :confused:
    :lol: I'm no good story teller either :p but at least you had fun!!
    It is kind of funny, but i'm not a fan of the song, the acoustic version is much better, but it still has Rihanna on it :\ :laugh3: what did you think about it?
    There are some trolls here but it's not that bad :lol: and there are other people that used to like coldplay but don't anymore and stay here because they like the site.
    I like sunny weather too, what I miss from Uruguay is that we have very nice beaches there all along the south coast, and here we have to drive like 3 hours to get to a good beach :confused:
    It's not okay of course! I hate guns, in Uruguay the violence is increasing a lot, I nearly got killed last year outside a nightclub.
    That's so cool!! :D Enjoy!! It's been a long time since I don't go to a party :lol:
    Hope you have fun too :D
    Yes :p You'll see some people that don't like Coldplay here, but it's still a great site :)
    I've never been to London! That's the city that I most want to go too!! It's perfect!
    Yeah, in my country it's a big thing too, it's the age that you can have a drivers licence and drink alcohol and all that stuff that you are not supposed to do when you are under 18 :lol: But here when you are 18 you are allowed to carry weapons and go to war but you are not allowed to drink alcohol, weird :lol:
    A couple of weeks left!! That day i'll see Keane live :p
    Yeah, i'm quite sure i've seen some people from Romania here :) It's a huge site, lots of people from all around the world!
    It was awesome, we spent the day at NYC, first time there! such a great city :) Thanks for asking :D
    That seems like a lot studying!! :p Really? that's awesome! :D
    And when exactly is your birthday? :)
    It is nice, but very different to the US. I like it here too, but I miss some things from my country.
    Yeah, I think I saw more people from Romania on this site :nice:

    And thank you!!! :D
    Gemini are the best! :D

    I know what you mean! I'm from Uruguay, nobody goes there neither! now that I came to the US, Paul McCartney played in Uruguay last month :confused: but i'm sure you will see them! they should add Romania in their tours!

    That's great! :D Nice to meet you Madalina, that's a beautiful name :)
    That's good, so you're almost the same age as me :)

    Oh, you will see them someday for sure! :D where are you from? I saw them in 2010 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and now i'll see them in 2 months here in DC :wacko:

    That sucks :confused: Good luck on your exam tomorrow then! :nice:

    what's your name? mine is Juan Ignacio, but you can call me Juani :p
    Lucky you! here it rained all day! :confused:

    Those good old days! I was eleven years old when I started liking them, I bought X&Y and I loved it! But then I listenened to AROBTTH and I loved it even more! :lol:

    Have you seen them live already?
    That sucks, it's rainy here too :\

    It is :lol: I like Coldplay since 2005 when I watched the Live 8 on my tv, I instantly fell in love with their music!

    How about you?
    That's great! :D

    I've been here for almost 4 years now! Time flies :lol: but I don't post that much now :p
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