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  • It's really hot here too!! But I like hot weather.so it's not much of a problem for me :p
    You should take some whenever you have the chance :wacko:
    The Avengers looks like a cool movie, I haven't seen it either
    Oh i'll check them out then :)
    They loved it here! They left today but luckily my friends are here so I don't feel lonely :p
    That's awesomee!!! :D congratulations! I haven't seen much of the olympics to be honest, I was kinda busy, but i'll try to watch it these last few days :)
    You're welcome :nice: it's okay :)
    Aw that's great, it seems like you're really enjoying your holidays :wacko: yeah, i'm taking some piano lessons, it's fun :p
    I haven't seen that movie yet, but i'll see it someday!
    That's awesome!!! I arrived kind of late to the Coldplay's concert, just when Wolf Gang finished playing so I haven't heard them :confused:
    The seaside sounds nice :wacko: my family is here so i'm taking them to visit some places and stuff, in a couple of days some friends are coming too so the next few weeks will be fun :p
    I'm sure you'll do fine! :nice: Sorry for not answering in days!
    It is :confused:
    It's really sad when people that are really talented die, it's not fair.
    what have you been up to? you're on summer holidays right? :wacko:
    San Francisco is my favorite I think. It's got everything. You're in China town and you walk one block in your in little Italy, another block and your at the seaport. I love just the general feel of that city and, though it's rather cold, I really like the weather there. Also lots of good music:)
    Yeah the Empire State Building is currently the tallest, but there's a building under construction that will be bigger. I never been to Vegas (but I really want to go!) but I've been to Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Boston (long ago), Philidelphia, and I'm going to Nashville later this summer.
    I've actually never been to Serendipity but I hear it's very good. The size of all the buildings is crazy. You never get used to looking up and no matter how hard you tilt your head the building still seem endless. If you stand under the empire state building you seriously can't see where it ends.

    As for no so famous places I personally like "the village". That's where you have all the music clubs And neat little shops. I bought a lot of hard to find records when I was there. I love the little things. It's pretty well known I guess but a lot of people skip it over I think (It's also home of the original Ray's Pizza which IMO is arguably the best pizza place).

    I also love that you can go anywhere by subway and you can find cool stores by going down random streets. People are lot more talkative there then where I'm from. You go into a store and they'll ask you about your day and all that. It's such a simple thing but I love that people are so outgoing.
    Holiday. I'm just getting back right now. It was pretty fun! I go quite often but I did a lot this time that I've never done before.
    Me too!! It has some really great songs!!
    Oh that sounds like lots of studying :\ I had lots of exams last year too, it was really stressful but if you study you'll do fine :nice:
    Yeah, it has some great things but i'll have to think about it :)
    It is terrible.. I just can't understand how things like these can happen, I saw him the day before :confused: I hope so to, all Uruguay is talking about this accident :(
    Yeah the view was awesome! Haha those were great too!
    You are too? I hate stressful years :lol:
    Not yet, I studied engineering last year but I don't know if I really like it :confused:
    No I didn't! The keyboardist of No Te Va Gustar had an accident the day after I saw them and he just died, i'm really shocked and so sad :cry:
    I was on section 406 so I was quite far from the stage but I still had a great view!! haha it's okay :)
    30 classmates? that's good! Last year in high school I had 37 classmates :p well, i'm one year forward so I should be on my last year of high school now :lol:
    oh that sounds cool! but yeah, it's kind of hard to get those jobs :\
    great! from those they only played Ya No Hay Dolor :p the concert was amazing!! after them played an argentinian band called "Los Autenticos Decadentes", it was so much fun! :lol:
    yeah, it's a very sad song but it's nice :) I've only listened to the ones you told me because I had little time but now i'll check their album "2012"
    I can imagine :)
    thanks! :D yeah, time flies!! I bought the tickets in december and now the concert has passed! all the songs were awesome! :D Juan Ignacio Fros is my facebook if you want to add me to see the pics :nice:
    It was good thanks! I got to talk to 3 or 4 of my classmates :) we are 10 in our class though :p
    management like for enterprises? sounds good!!
    okay i'll give them a listen and i'll let you know if I liked them :)
    thanks! it's great that you liked the band, which songs did you listen?
    i'll take a listen now! :D
    It's okay :nice: did you have fun? :wacko:
    I saw them on monday!!! It was so awesome!!!!!! :D I really hope you can see them some day! I uploaded some pictures on my facebook if you want to see them :)
    And I started classes today :p I'm studying some music, i like it so far :)
    haha that's good!!
    I should check them out :wacko: I love listening to different kinds of music! tomorrow (today for you already :p) i'm seeing an Uruguayan band here in DC called "No Te Va Gustar", I still can't believe i'm seeing them here XD haha
    It has good things and bad things, but yeah it's great :p
    Nah, if they play this year in Uruguay I won't be able to go. Besides, I don't want to go to Uruguay now :lol:
    I start college on July, i'm pretty excited, finally i'll meet new people here :D
    I felt the same way but here in the US you can't do almost anything when you're 18, you have to wait until yoy turn 21 to be free :\ :p
    That sounds awesome!! :awesome: what's the name of the band? :wacko:
    Yeah, if it's sunny then it's awesome! :p
    that's so cool! it would be great to have a brother or sister of my age!
    A friend of mine told me that they are playing in Uruguay this year... all the good bands go there while i'm here!! :confused: I really hope you can see them on this tour!
    In Uruguay we have summer holidays from December to March. I believe that here it's the same as in Europe but i'll do some summer courses next month :lol:
    that's great!! How do you feel? I felt much older since I turned 18 :p It's like, you're officialy an adult now :lol:
    Yeah, it's awesome! :wacko:
    I want to visit those cities too! all the famous people go to L.A. now :p
    That's good! there's not much difference between you two! Yes, it will be :D
    No, and it's getting worse everyday :\
    That's true, but I think that with MX they already tried different things and they will be excited to make a new record soon! :)
    Maybe they are working on it! In Uruguay the Paul McCartney concert was announced 1 month before, so who knows? maybe you'll see them this year! ;)
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