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  • Haha yeah you got it right, he's shivering :D
    Maybe we both can warm him up... with some pervness, uahah :wink3::smug:

    And about being quiet, look at me, I didn't even post something to you, lol!

    I wish you a merry Christmas, and all the best! :kiss:

    ~ Thalia
    i love to see him shirtless...it haunts me always....
    glad that you gave me a message:).Have yourself a merry Christmas and new year.:)
    Yes, my Jonny stalking mode is on. That is why I'm already nervous! I got those 2nd Florida tickets from TicketsNow and paid a large sum for them. But we needed three. So this was the best we could find. Ah, I'm so nervous! :D
    R#42 mentions your banner in his blog!!!!!!!!!!!! ON COLDPLAY.COM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey ColdplayBirdsFly!

    YES I TOTALY SAW YOUR SIGNS! THEY WHERE GREAT! I was dancing in your direction during the rap song before the show... That was great! I saw that you had shirts on too did you make them? They where really cool! That picture is the greatest! can you email me the file? My email is [email protected]

    I believe you! Yay for your concert..today! Weeeeeee! Happy stalking! I just booked trip to Detroit for Nov 3rd concert! Weeeeeee! Have fun girl!
    OH wow! You actually talked to Chris! Awesome. I missed this somehow. There's always so much going on in the live threads that it's hard to keep up. :dizzy: Oh but that is cool, you already know what you are doing obviously. I think stalking at venues is better. At least you don't look like one of those ebayers that bug them at hotels and airports. But I'm not saying don't do it. Angie and I did do several drive-bys at the hotel I thought they might be at.:lol: But I didn't see them.
    I asked the one and only The Angie your question. She said "Too close to NYC. I would guess that they will not stay in Boston."

    So your best bet is show up to venue at 2, for soundcheck at between 2 and 4. Stand where they have to drive past you to get in the back entrance or loading dock. Hold a sign.
    Hey! I don't know anything about Boston really. I've never been there or read about it. But how far is it from New York? If it's not that far, I figure Chris would stay at his New York house (and therefore, probably Jonny too :sneaky:). But if not, I have no idea where they would stay. I will run it by the Angie for you. :D
    Awesome! I can't wait to hear about your adventures! Keep Jonny safe while he is in Boston for all us Jonny lovers (especially me MWAHAHAHHAHAAA)! :D
    Yay Boston concert! :dance::dance::dance: Eee, happy Jonny stalking! Are you planning some stalking? You have a sign? I am so excited too!
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