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    Arcade Fire

    So the wait for the album's over- now I can't wait for a tour! :dance::D
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    Arcade Fire

    "Supersymmetry" blew my mind. :stunned: Finally finished the whole album, loved it altogether. I think "Joan of Arc" is really the biggest falter. Not too into it. Other than that, I really love each song and can't wait to listen to "Here Comes the Night Time" with the windows down on a warm...
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    Arcade Fire

    I feel like "Normal Person" fails to deliver as much as the live version. Still good, just not as much of a punch.
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    Arcade Fire

    Thank you!! :nice: Right?? It's ridiculously good! Currently trying not to dance around my office to "Here Comes the Night Time". The album is a change of pace from the old AF, yes. But it's done so well it's not anything of a disappointment, I don't think.
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    Arcade Fire

    I'm Christina, by the way kids. :nice: Been a long time since I've been on here, but I knew it'd be my trusty place to find this leak. Anyhoo, I friggin' love the album. Haven't listened to all of it yet but what I've heard is even exceeding my expectations. "Porno" is ridiculously good. Ugh...
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    Arcade Fire

    Could someone PM me a link???? Having the hardest time finding it. :dance: EDIT: Thanks, Fran! :nice:
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    The song Game!

    "Extrasupervery", Frightened Rabbit.
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    Post pictures of the gorgeous Chris

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    What was the last thing in your mouth?

    Cookies. :wacky:
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    Rate the latest movie you've seen

    The Campaign. 8/10. It was funny, just a little silly at times. Liked it a lot, though.
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    10 things I don't like about Coldplay

    1) Mylo Xyloto 2) Mylo Xyloto 3) Mylo Xyloto 4) Mylo Xyloto 5) Mylo Xyloto 6) Mylo Xyloto 7) Mylo Xyloto 8) Mylo Xyloto 9) Mylo Xyloto 10) Mylo Xyloto
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    Post Your Coldplay Siggys and Avatars!

    And an Amy Winehouse wallpaper, which I'm much happier with. :P
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    Post Your Coldplay Siggys and Avatars!

    I made a Beirut wallpaper. :shrug: