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  • I'm so jealous you got to spend 2 years abroad :freak: And college is ALREADY going by in a flash. It's kind of freaking me out to be honest. :blank: :p How I'm already almost done 2 years, I don't know.

    Ah party on a deck, that's so perfect! :D I'm glad you had fun! It's been beautiful out still :wacky: I just had Dunkin Donuts iced coffee and it was sooooo good *drool* :wacko: CAN'T WAIT FOR SPRING!

    Oh yeah. Guitar. Hah. Hahahahah. Unfortunately, the only free time I've had in the last few months has come at 1-3 in the morning and I can't really work on teaching myself then because I'd wake my roommates up. I haven't had time to do anything and I'm honestly really disappointed about that. I'll probably take it home with me over spring break and force myself to practice something.
    Yeah, it's sad that some people don't appreciate their pets enough :( And yes dogs are a lot of hard work but they're worth it! :D

    Hahah, it's not that bad actually. I like the fast pace of everything. :D

    IT'S BEEN SO NICE I LOVE THIS WEATHER I WANT SPRING WEEEEEEEEE :dance: I already have plans to get water ice when I'm home on spring break in a couple weeks :wacko:

    NINE?! Holy shit. That is insane. But I'm glad you saw some good ones! :dance: How many did you take Brian to see today? :D
    Yeah exactly! Dogs are the best! :D I can't wait until I get one someday :wacko:

    Hahah yeah, most schools are I think. But Drexel is on the quarter system, so, not for us. :p That's okay though. And hahah yes it does!! Although I have some non music classes that are killing me right now. Blegh school. :\


    :dance: that's awesome!! Enjoy the cake! :D And the festivities! ;) Tonight I think I'm going to a house show at a friend's house because I know someone in one of the bands. So that should be fun. And tomorrow afternoon I'm going ice skating with my family at penn's landing because my mom got tickets for christmas. I have homework to do at some point. Not sure what else I'm doing, but hopefully fun things :D
    I love it always. Actually I've only taken it once or twice, but it's the fucking shit.

    Ugh, I love dogs. I like them much better than cats. Even though I've never had either as a pet. :disappointed: But YES! Definitely get another one! :D Especially since you'll have the room for it.

    I have a whole other term before summer :p But I'll get spring break after finals :D I'm kind of sad to see this term end though, my schedule is amazing, and so many good things happened this term. :wacky: I kind of don't want it to end. :\ Oh well. Spring means warmer weather and baseball! :dance:

    Oh my God I am SO sorry you had to do that! :hug: Treat yourself with Starbucks or cake or cookies or literally anything!

    Are we still supposed to get snow? :uhoh: Fuck. This wind fucking sucks. I hate today's weather so much.
    Oh my God, zzzQuil is amazing :heart:

    That's true! We have the best chance at things getting better now! :D

    No I didn't see, but YAY! :wacky: You definitely should! :dance: I'm jealous. :p

    Not much. I'm seeing Stars tonight with my brother at The Troc. :dance: It's week 9 (out of 10) and I don't understand how it's already week 9, time flew so fucking fast. But now it's the end of the term which means I have a LOT to do. :( And I'm beginning to get really stressed about some stuff already. :wreck: But other than that, things are really fantastic with me! :D
    Hahah, it is, but I actually only got like an hour saturday night and a couple hours last night. Oh man. What's sleep? My body doesn't know.

    Aww, that makes it even better!! wacky: :D

    I'm sure you'll like some of them! :D

    Yeah, the economy is still fucking everything up in that regard. I still can't believe I have one already. It almost feels wrong. :p

    So how are things with you? :D
    Speaking of it not being human to stay up for that long I am SO tired right now oh my god. I think I got some sleep last night?

    Ugh, I'm SO jealous of your Bonnaroo vacation. It sounds perfect. :freak: Especially going to Nashville to see all the music stuff, I need to get there some day. You're going to have the greatest week! :dance::dead:!!

    It'll be worth all the stress and indecision in the end! Have you met with the realtor yet?

    Is that the one in April? :thinking: Because my brother said he'd buy me a ticket for that. But not having to worry or stress about co-op applications is literally the biggest weight lifted off my shoulder holy shit.
    I'm used to it, but then I think about it and I don't understand how I survive either.

    THAT'S SERIOUSLY SO AMAZING!!!!!! :dance::D!!! And good! If the inside of it is padded, that would be helpful :)

    Oh man, that indecision is going to be awful hahah. :lol: It'll be worth it though, when you find your dream house! :D

    Are you going to Boston anytime soon? :D

    Oh my God, Homeland. I miss that show. Well, it wasn't technically for my class actually. My Publishing Industry professor teaches the freshmen Copyrights class and took them and asked if any of us wanted to come, and I was like "free trip to DC and skip class? sure!" so yeah. Went to the library of congress to see some copyright stuff. It was alright. But it was nice to do something different.

    Also.........it looks like I got that internship at the philadelphia folksong society for the summer :D
    I usually don't sleep, but the past few weeks I've been up to 3 or later on average. I think, at least. That sounds right. Most of those nights haven't been due to homework though :lol:

    Let me know when you find out!! :D

    You know, weirder things have happened than someone feeding their bag, so we should be okay! :D That plan totally works.

    That's so exciting about the house search :dance: :wacky: How soon will you meet with a realtor?

    And yay for Flyers reunions! :wacko::D

    Got the PM, ugh that's seriously so amazing!!!!! :dance::wacky::D!!!! I can't even express how wonderful all of that is. I'm happy you're all happy and everything hahah! :dance::D!

    And I didn't get to watch the oscars because I don't have cable :\

    I'm going to DC tomorrow for a field trip thing, so that's a nice change of scenery :)
    Yeah I'll make sure I do lots of fun things :D

    That would be a wonderful vacation!! :D

    We ended up staying until a little after 5 am oh my god :dead: We were so tired hahah, but we got everything done for the project so that's good. And I made it to family brunch which was delicious :D

    Did you find out about Roo tickets yet?! :dance: And can I sneak in your bag with you?

    Did you enjoy the Flyers game? :D And nah, nothing too special going on this weekend, just enjoying life and friends hahah.
    Nah, nothing. I probably won't even be able to take a full vacation since I'll be working :\ but I'll still be living here with my friends over the summer and not at home so that'll be kind of awesome :)

    What about you? :D

    I've been SO busy this week hahah. And I haven't slept much in the last couple weeks either but what else is new? :p Friday night I'll be in the studio from 11pm to 4am working on a project for class and then I have to wake up early and go to a family brunch saturday morning KILL ME PLEASE.

    Oh my God, PLEASE go to Roo for me :freak: I think that's my favorite lineup so far. Please go and let me live vicariously through you. Please. :freak:

    So close :wacky:!!

    HAPPY FRIDAY! :dance: Doing anything fun this weekend? :D
    yeah that's what matters :)


    I saw Imagine Dragons last night and they honestly impressed me with how good they were :dance:

    And dude the bonnaroo lineup is fucking amazing, kill me :dead::dead:
    The sad thing is about my major is that most likely my co-op will be unpaid :( but oh well!

    Sounds like this concert came at the perfect time then :dance:


    That's so awesome! :dance: A Phillies games is the best way to celebrate your birthday :wacky::D

    I'm feeling really good about our boys this year :D Or maybe I'm just excited because I love baseball so much. I always have faith in our boys. UGHHHHHHHHH BASEBALL. And Chase seems to be feeling pretty good and that makes me so happy.

    Yeah, it'll be here soon. But like I said I'm enjoying this term so I'm not really even thinking about spring break hahah. But since I'm enjoying it I know the rest of the term will fly by. Except for finals week. That will be slow and then I'll need spring break :D

    IT'S SO SOON AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :freak: I've waited so many year to see The Cave and many others live and now I'm finally going to :dead:

    Trying to do promotion for a label or venue or work with festivals/concerts or anything really. I actually applied to be a production intern on tour with a band for the summer, but I know I won't get that one.

    How are things going with you? :D
    I'M SO HAPPY!!! I smile so much when I see pictures and read updates :wacky: Ugh, every year I wish I could go down to Clearwater. It sounds like it' d be SO much. Ugh. And perfect.

    Yesssss!! :dance: Doc's ready for a world series this year and so am I :D BRING IT!

    Ahhh I'm so happy for you guys :dance: :D :hug: That's seriously so fantastic!

    My spring break is at the end of my winter term, I think it's the last week of march. But I'm really enjoying this term, and my schedule ROCKS. I'm going to miss it so much hahah. I've actually been sleeping this term. Except for the last couple nights.

    So I've started applying for co-op jobs for the summer, and that's exciting! I might have an interview next week. :)
    BASEBALL BASEBALL BASEBALL BASEBALL BASEBALLLLLLLLLLLLLL :heart::dance::wacky::D:wacko::cheesy::heart::D

    I do too! We're just devoted passionate fans who love our teams and want them to kick some ass :dance: Gahhhh BASEBALL!!!

    HE WAS?! OH MY GOD THAT IS FANTASTIC!!!!!! :dance::D:dance:!!! I'm SO happy for you guys!!!!! :hug:

    I have no exams or tests this week and it fucking rocks :D
    I know! Literally nothing. NYC didn't get it so bad either, so the fact that my megabus got canceled is kind of bullshit :dozey: I had a good weekend here though, so that's good I guess :)

    PITCHERS AND CATCHERS REPORT TOMORROW AND ALL IS GOOD WITH THE WORLD *melts into a puddle of baseball happiness*

    Should be a good show! :D Or at least for the most part anyway. And 1 week til Mumford!! :dance:
    THIS STORM IS LOOKING NUTS :uhoh: My friend and I are supposed to go to NYC tomorrow to visit another friend but we'll see what happens with that. If megabus doesn't cancel the trip and we still go, we probably won't end up doing much. Soooo, I guess we'll see what happens with that. :blank:

    I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL BASEBALL'S BACK :bigcry::wacky::heart:

    Ah they will? I'll have to try and watch those games then :D

    I know! The Grammys went indie this year :awesome:

    :hug: Mumford will help :dance:

    Is Philly supposed to get hit badly? I don't even know hahah :p
    Thanks!! :D And you should! They're great bands :wacko: :D

    I keep forgetting about it and then I remember and I'm like AHHHH :dance::awesome:! I'm SO glad I don't have to queue for that show :p

    Interesting super bowl this year, eh? With the power going out and everything. The commercials weren't that great this year though which was a little disappointing.

    IT'S ALMOST TIME FOR SPRING TRAINING :heart: :freak: :wacky: :fance: :cheesy:

    And the Grammys are on sunday!

    In other news I still can't function because the vaccines and I keep staring at my picture with freddie and having a fit and I think I'm annoying everybody I need to seek professional help or something :bigcry:

    what's new with you? :D
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