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  • Ah, the United Center didn't use metal detectors last night -- they would've gotten my camera for sure if they did! I guess it'll be a bit harder for you and others from Philly, then...but best of luck getting one in! Recording the experience was thrilling :)
    angie said that they stopped her while recording the show sometimes.

    but still she posted Yes video.

    and it really sounded awesome live.

    i am now really excited for our show.
    well after reading all the reviews about Chicago show i want to grab Chris attention towards me this time in Philadelphia show any or any way.

    but i must pray to god for that.
    i wonder now what songs does they play.

    do we get any songs which are not played before like warning sign or some other songs.

    in sound check for Today show they did a small sound check for cemeteries of london but some what it didn't worked well.

    so they stopped after sound checking it for a while:(
    yeah my husband says that we hide the camera inside a large chips packet in a cloth, so i am not even leaving a chips packet for hiding anything.:laugh3:

    its weird but pretty good strategy i thought:laugh3:

    well that day for the show before i go i'll write everything what i am planning to do.

    and it works or not we must see afterwards.:dozey:
    yes its a best night for me too,infact any concert i see will be so memorable to me and that too of Coldplay.because they're awesomest bands in the world.
    when i think about Chris i just want to do anything to face problems.

    so and yeah mine is expensive too its canon 100 sx IS black camera.

    but there is no way because the show will be awesome no doubt and there are big screens too.

    so i can't let this moment go away with out my camera.
    well but in all the other shows people got their cameras in and also they took pics and videos ,so why can't we?

    there will be some way to do.

    But some times we have to risk things this is a tough situation here.
    i am sure there will be ColdplayJoe she has given some information about Coldplay sign gang organising.

    And yeah it is nice if my fellow friends from coldplaying attend because it makes the concert really even more exciting to me.

    last time i went to Today show there were the people who won Vip passes from here.
    its really exciting to me now.

    i think that so many coldplaying members will show up there i think so.

    and yeah who are there in the sign membership means some of them are in "USA loves Coldplay" sign gang no?
    some times in need we have to risk somethings and this is especially such a situations.

    so well i'll try my level best to get the camera in.

    and if i am successfull i'll take nice pictures and videos.
    yeah this is the really important thing we're talking that's my doubt too but i can say that i will bring my camera and i'll sneak it some how in if security is not that tight.

    but i think that we have to go to live section and must discuss a little more about sneaking cameras in.
    i think that we need to take a lot of Chris pics when he comes near to us.

    and also videos for some songs.

    if they play Yes i'll definitely record it with my camera!
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