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  • Wow I feel like I haven't been on here in forever because I've been so busy :uhoh:

    The weather this weekend was beautiful! :D Today wasn't bad either. I had such a good day today :wacky: It was needed :wacko:

    I always take it one day at a time, it's definitely the only way to handle weeks like that :thumbsup: I actually got that philosophy from the Phillies a few years ago :lol:
    This week is going to feel like nothing compared to last week :D

    Ugh that's annoying about the house prices :(

    Let's not talk about the Phillies ever okay? Okay.
    I get an hourly rate but tips is where most of my money comes from. I did okay tuesday night, nothing on friday and saturday, and really good on sunday. :shrug: We used to get a percentage of food sales which was AWESOME and a lot of money on our paycheck but they're not doing that anymore. :(

    The weather today was shit and this week is such Hell I literally want to die I hate school right now fuck midterms fuck rain fuck everything blah. I want to sleep for forever.

    How are you? :p :hug:
    Ugh, speaking of work. I'm in class from 9:30-5 today and then have to run over to Camden to work at Riversharks ughhhh why. Probably won't even make any money. So tired.

    Wow lots of great presents! :D I'm glad so you had such a wonderful birthday!!! :dance::dance: :hug: :D

    I DON'T KNOW BUT I'M PISSED OUT IT. And confused. At least tomorrow should be nice.

    But seriously can we get the warm weather back?!
    My parents got me new Rainbows sandals, a preorder of the new vampire weekend album, and some giftcards so I can buy new clothes :dance: :D And my roommates got me some great stuff too :D and on my birthday some friends bought me nachos and drinks. Great day/weekend! :dance: Sorry I haven't been on the forum for days. HOPE YOU HAD AN AMAZING BIRTHDAY!!!!! :kiss: :dance: :hug: :D :dance: :heart: !!!!!!!!

    How was your birthday/birthday weekend/whatcha get? :D :D :D :D

    Aw boo! :( And the weather keeps fucking changing it was originally supposed to be like 75 on mine but it's like 64?

    That'll be fun! :D Have fun at the Phillies game!!! :dance:

    On my actual birthday I have 4 straight classes sadly. But afterwords I don't really know. My roommates are making a cake I think and I'll probably get some presents. Then after that I'm not really sure. I'm bad at planning things. The other day one of my friends told me she's going to "pour alcohol down my throat" but we'll see if that actually happens. :p I don't have class on fridays though, so actually I probably will drink because why the fuck not? :p

    I meant to ask you if everyone was okay I'm so glad they are!!!! :hug::heart:!! I still can't believe what happened. Everyone is coming together though in such amazing ways. Boston will bounce back, no doubt. :heart:
    I hope the weather forecast stays that way :D

    I'm going to hope all the problems they're still having is just normal beginning of season stuff. Gonna tell myself that anyway. Ignorance is bliss. Chase keeps doing pretty well though :wacky: :dance:

    Any idea on what she's planning for you? :D Your birthday is record store day :cheesy: I'm so excited for record store day. And I think I'm actually having people over to celebrate on saturday so we'll both be celebrating that night. :D

    My weekend was pretty good :D Walked around the city a lot enjoying the weather, saw lots of friends, went out to brunch with my family for my brother's belated birthday.

    My monday and tuesday have been so long I don't understand how it's only tuesday it feels like it should be may right now.
    Yeah, wednesday was too hot :p This week should be great though! :cheesy: Perfect for our birthdays :dance:

    We need to enjoy being outside in this weather before all the mosquitos come back hahah.

    That's a very good point :p

    THE PHILLIES ARE FINALLY ABOVE 500 WOO!!!! (I should not be this excited about that)

    How was your weekend? :D
    I still can't get over this weather. It's making me so happy. :D

    I ate outside last night too! :wacko: One of the many great things about this weather is that it makes me crave healthy food hahah. :p

    A cake shop? :cheesy: How was it? That sounds wonderful.

    And we're definitely going to pretend it's not happening because it's not. :blank:
    It's at the Barclays center. Huge venue. :stunned:

    It was a busy weekend yes hahah, but it was good. How was yours? Ugh it's going to rain this weekend WHY? :(

    I'm spending time with my record player now :heart:

    They're shows on USA. Suits is about this guy with a photographic memory who is working at a law firm pretending to be a lawyer, it's good. White Collar is about an ex con who was an art thief and a forger who now works for the FBI as a consultant but still does some stuff he shouldn't be. Bad explanation but I love that show as well. Not as good now as the beginning seasons were though. Oh well.


    I was literally outside like, all day. I fucking love it. I was center city most of the day and spent a lot of time in Rittenhouse reading my textbook. Great, great day.

    How are you enjoying this weather? :dance:
    I want MLB.tv but I'm broke :(

    Lots of baseball games for you!! :wacky::D:dance:!!! That's wonderful!!! :D:dance::wacky:!

    I'M SO JEALOUS THAT'S AMAZING OH MY GOD!!!! :dead:!!!! I'm still SO upset that they're Philly show is during fucking Governor's Ball. :bigcry::bigcry:!!!

    On tuesday I got a floor ticket for the vaccines and phoenix in brooklyn in october :dead::dead:!!

    Well I watch White Collar and Suits and they should be having summer seasons :p :D

    Glad to hear good things regarding him and the Flyers! :D

    I plan on being outside as much as possible! :D Saturday I actually have to go home for the day. First I have orientation at Riversharks since the season is starting soon and then I have my grandmother's 80th birthday party at my parent's house. And hopefully I'll do something fun on sunday to enjoy the weather. I also have no class on fridays now. :D I was supposed to spend some quality time with my record player today but last night I fell asleep at a friend's place watching Big Fish and didn't get back to my apartment until like 3 pm today. Whoops. :p
    There might be :p

    67?! I'M PUMPED! :D As long as it's warm for our birthdays. That's what I really want.

    Game of Thrones OH MY GOD :freak: I can't even tell you how excited I am it's back :freak:!!!

    It's always sad when shows end :( But the summer seasons of shows will start soon enough! :D

    Hahahah :lol: Baseball is the best :smug: How's Brian doing with the Flyers by the way? :D

    CHASE WAS AMAZING :dead: Ugh I hate being at school and not able to watch games because I don't have cable. That's the only thing I miss about being home. :p

    I actually don't think I have any tickets for this season :stunned: But I'm sure I'll end up at a few. :D What about you? :dance:
    Hahah, thanks! I got too much candy.

    Oh no, stomach bugs are the worst! Glad you got over it quickly though. :hug: I think I need more Claritin as well.

    THE LAST FEW DAYS HAVE BEEN SO NICE AHHHHHH :dance::dance: No more cold. Do not want. No. Make it stop.


    Oh no, what's ending? :hug:

    HAPPY BASEBALL!!!!! :heart: :wacky: :dance: :heart: :D :dance: :wacky: :dance:
    Ugh I really fucked up on a couple finals and hurt my gpa. Trying not to think about it.

    I got a very minor cold which I'm already getting over, thankfully.

    It LOOKS nice because of the sun yes, but it's still windy :\ Monday's weather was horrible. Ohh really? 61? :dance: Do want.

    Aww that's all so wonderful!! :D I'm glad you had a great time! :hug:

    That's literally all I've done so far. :p Not exaggerating.

    I have one more final left and I'm kind of in denial about it. As for how the rest of my finals went? Well, all I can say is: Lololololololololololololololololololololololololol. Finals.

    That bad.



    They're all over with though. And I think I'm getting/got sick?

    God I want the warmth so badly!!! All of these random nice days are SUCH a tease!!! :( I think it's supposed to snow again on monday. :dozey:

    Ah that's great!! :dance:! HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME!!! :D! :kiss:

    Blah I don't feel like going home later for an entire week. The suburbs are so boring. :\
    Thank you!! :hug::kiss:!

    Good, I need to be yelled at! :p

    All of that is really good then, yes! :D Glad things seem to be going well! :nice:


    I just devoured insomnia cookies oh my god not a good idea. Finals week, what do you do to me? :sick:

    How's work and stuff going? :D
    It's slow and busy and stressful hahah. But this week is so much worse. Oh my God. I got less than 2 hours of sleep last night. :freak:!!! I'm not in a right frame of mind at all. I have so many exams this week. And so many other things to do. This is awful oh god. Why. Might not make it out alive. Sorry for anything I say or do this week, I'm not myself.

    Yeah, I hope I actually practice over my break. Yell at me next week and make sure I do. :p
    Annoying my friends with my indecisiveness is great :lol: until they get really mad :uhoh: But then other times people force me to make a million decisions and they watch me squirm and freak out like break down because I can't decide :( Not fun.

    Hahah oh man. That's exactly what I would do if I were in your situation. :lol: It will be crazy but it'll be worth it in the end! :D

    THIS WINTER *IS* TAKING FOREVER. I WANT SPRING DAMMIT. We keep getting glimpses of nice weather and it's amazing but then it'll start snowing again out of nowhere and it's like what the fuck, mother nature? Just pick one okay! Preferably spring. :dozey:
    Wow, that is a LONG day! But if there's 5 houses you're interested in, that's wonderful! :dance:

    :lol: What a great combination. :p Actually my roommates and I are all so indecisive so the fact that we live together is hilarious and entertaining.

    An offer? Ahhhh!!! SO EXCITING!!! :dance:

    Thinking about decorating is so exciting! :wacky: :D Going to flea markets and stuff is a great idea!

    My weekend was good! Ice skating was entertaining but the ice was like, half melted. :shrug: We went out to lunch though and it was so good. Also my mom gave me 2 boxes of cereal for no reason and it was so beautiful I could have cried. Very much looking forward to this weekend because this week sucks.
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