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  • Hi Christina, I was thinking about how long it's been since the last time we talked
    Recently I remembered reading a fanfic sooo long ago about Chris cheating "Chelsea" and trying to make up with her again and stuff and I think you wrote it.
    I've tried so hard to find it cause it was like my fav fanfic hehe.
    I hope you are okay and that everything's going great.
    Oh my God it's been over a month..... :stunned:

    How about all this fall weather, eh? :D

    How are you doing/feeling? How's work? :kiss:

    My classes finally started this week and it's going to be a fucking busy term :bomb: I wanted classes to start again for like a month and now I think I'm taking that back a little bit.:p

    I was barrier for Muse again! I saw The Last Bison at WCL. I went to Arctic Monkeys. I went to see Diarrhea Planet with my brother and his friends at one point. I have some other concerts coming up , this fall is intense man :freak: Same for new music releases.


    What's new? :p
    Yeah it is a good story, and it makes the house more...YOUR house, y'know? :)

    The weather was perfect for awhile and now it's back to humidity ugh :(

    Hahah, any excuse to go overboard on shopping is great! :D How are you feeling?

    That sounds lovely....apart from the getting sick thing :p

    My internship is going really well, thanks! We had 2nd st fest in No Libs last week and next week is the huge folk fest so things are very hectic.

    I'm sorry I respond like once a month I'm so busy with both of my jobs. This is my first off day in 6 days. I swear I'm busier in the summer than I was during the school year. Life is so busy and I keep forgetting about this website :lol: So I'm sorry for the late responses!

    What do you think about coldplay having a song in catching fire? :)
    Oh wow, all of that house stuff sounds horribly stressful. Thinking about it almost gives me a headache :p How's it going? But congrats on buying a house! :D

    I'm SO glad that insane heat wave is over. The weather the last couple of days has been PERFECT!!! :wacko: Can it stay like this forever?

    My next concert is The Vaccines :dead:!!

    My Fourth was pretty good! :D How was yours? How's your summer going?
    Oh my God I've been SO busy with work, internship, and life that I literally forgot about this site :facepalm: I'm so sorry for the late response!


    Yes this weather is GOD AWFUL IT NEVER ENDS WHYYYYYY

    And I'm so sorry to hear about your dog!! :hug::heart:!!! That's so terrible :( But you're right, she's not suffering anymore and she had a great life, so just think about that.


    And hahahah, I love going to concerts :wacko:
    I saw: St. Lucia, Dinosaur Jr., Best Coast, Local Natives, Young the Giant, Edwar Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Japandroids, Dirty Projectors, Kings of Leon, On an On, The Vaccines, Deerhunter, Beirut, Grizzly Bear (from very far away hahah), Bloc Party, and Kanye.

    And firefly is in a week I'm SOOO excited :dance::dance:

    It's good that you can go through it together though! :nice:

    You should just take some sleeping pills for that flight :p I would go so stir crazy oh man. But that's so much fun! :D

    I just have my stats final tomorrow morning but it's probably going to kick my ass. And thanks for the luck! :hug:

    It barely did anything fuck the weather people they're always wrong. :dozey:


    And I just confirmed that I'm going to Tame Impala next week :dance:

    how are you? :D
    The weather the first day of governor's ball was honestly the worst thing I've ever endured for music and I don't think I've ever been that physically uncomfortable without being in pain in my entire life it was so miserable blah. Still a great weekend though! :dance: And I have Firefly in a couple weeks! :bomb:

    That's so cute that you guys are throwing each other's baby showers :cheesy:

    That's so exciting! :dance: And what a perfect thing to do for your last night here! :D When do you leave and how long will you be there for? :wacky:

    Ughhh I know. When I saw them back in 2011 I felt the same way. Ugh. They're so perfect live. I'm glad you had an amazing time!!!! :heart: I hope they come back soon :cry:

    so...close...to..finishing finals....:bomb:

    Also we're supposed to get a mega storm tomorrow or something? what the fuck?
    Oh man I'm so sorry I didn't get a chance to come on before gov ball, I got so busy.

    And yes, blast the air in your place! You need it!

    I wish the weather worked like that, that would be perfect :wacko:

    Hahah, exactly!

    Lots of shopping indeed! :stunned: How'd it go?


    My weekend was crazy holy shit :freak: :dead: I got back at 5 in the morning and had a Stats review session at 8 am so I didn't sleep until like 10:30 this morning and I had an amazing 4 hour long nap so I can go to bed early tonight and I don't feel like doing anything tonight oops. I'll tell you all about the festival when I have motivation and energy to think and type hahah :p
    I heard the beach was so much cooler, glad you had a nice time! :D

    Ah that's so awesome! :dance: Last minute baseball games are the best! :D Go Sox!!

    Oh man I had an interesting weekend. Friday night my roommates and I were actually so bored and nothing was going on here so we ended up taking the train to my parents house in NJ and actually had a really fun night. Saturday morning I tried the tater tot cart at the Philly Phair thing they're doing saturdays and it was soooo good :drool: And then saturday night proved to be interesting for a few reasons hahah and sunday I didn't do much but yeah, good weekend I guess.


    I go to NYC thursday night for governor's ball :D

    I've barely slept the last 4 nights it's getting hard to function because I never make any sense because I'm tired :p

    I'm glad the weather cooled down.
    I HATE THIS HEAT :( The air conditioning is broken in 2 of the buildings I'm in a LOT so that's just fantastic. :sweatdrop:

    When are you going to the beach? :D

    GO GET ONE!! It was soooo good. Forever drooling over it.

    Yeah, sometimes you've gotta quit while you're ahead :\

    Doing anything fun this weekend? :dance: I don't think I have anything planned yet. Also I keep thinking tomorrow is saturday because I don't have class on fridays :p

    Speaking of class, I have one more week of class left and then finals. How is the year almost over? Where does the time go?
    THIS FICKLE WEATHER IS SO CONFUSING! But it's going to be SO hot this week :sweatdrop: Aw a day trip to the beach is perfect! :D I'm jealous.

    Aw sounds like a great weekend! :wacky: :D I had a tastykake milkshake at Franklin Square today :wideeyed::wacko: SO GOOD!

    Yeah, it definitely needs to be considered :\ Ugh, poor Chase. And neither do I. We need to get rid of Amaro honestly.
    This rain made me too lazy to go to the gym today :p :\ And hopefully it's not!

    That's insane :wreck: How did you do that?

    Yes it is! I have a 4 day weekend :dance: Kind of keep forgetting it's Memorial day though, kind of doesn't feel like it. Also WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?! :wreck: :stunned:

    I'm going home tonight for my best friend from home's 21st birthday party, and I'll probably do some shopping on saturday and then saturday evening I'm going out to dinner on the Moshulu with my (other) best friend and her family for her birthday. Then I might go back to school if my friends are doing anything fun. Sunday I'm working but then going to a bbq my friends are having maybe and I have no idea for monday :p

    I KNOW :bigcry: Ugh, poor baby. :cry: I thought that last year to be honest and the realization killed me.
    THIS HUMIDITY SUCKS :( :sweatdrop:

    Oh wow, only the day? That's insane! :stunned:

    Yeah seriously, the rain will be heavenly to get rid of all this freaking humidity!

    I'm going to Firefly :wacko: Sorry bank account.

    Don't worry about it! I've been super busy too.

    Doing anything fun this weekend? :D
    Yeah the weather sucked. And it's so foggy and humid today :(

    Oh that's so much fun!! :dance: Have a great trip!! :kiss: How long will you be there for? :D

    This week should be warm :dance: but a chance of isolated thunderstorms every day :dozey:

    Great, thanks!! :D

    I hope they come back soon!!

    I used to trap them under a dixie cup and leave them there for someone else to find :laugh3:

    Also I'm thinking of spending way too much money and buying my friend's spare Firefly festival ticket :blank:
    Oh p.s., I need to start figuring out what to wear during Governor's Ball (especially since I'll probably do some much needed clothes shopping next weekend) so do you have any suggestions? You're the expert on this stuff. :nice:
    No they're not :( Everyone was hoping they'd be the surprise headliner though. And they're doing shows in NYC the week before GB.

    I'm definitely seeing them as soon as possible!

    I HATE STINK BUGS. I freak out whenever I see them at my parent's house. :(

    Hahah, that's a perfect gift then! Especially if you add the redsox tickets on top :dance:!

    It was a good week! And the weather was nice! :D

    I went to a couple shows on campus. The Front Bottoms were here and both friday and saturday nights some of my friends' bands played so that was fun. I have a lot of homework to do today that I put off all week :\

    Looking forward to memorial day weekend though because that means I get a 4 day weekend! :dance:

    How was your weekend? :kiss:

    Ugh they're so gross and I HATE BUGS TOO :(

    Buy him lots of red sox tickets and an endless supply of potato chips :p

    I had a really good day today and I'm just in a really good mood weeeeeeee :wacko: And you had a good day too :D
    SAME SAME SAME :freak: Ughhhh, I wish I could see them :bigcry:

    Hopefully I won't see too many in the city. What weird creatures.

    Hahah, yes! You should definitely do it first as a joke gift :D

    It's supposed to be beautiful thursday and friday! :dance: I'm excited!
    IT'S SO PERFECT I CAN'T EVEN HANDLE IT :dead::freak::bigcry::heart:

    The new vampire weekend is SO good! :dance: And I'm so jealous you're seeing The National. Ugh.

    Ugh I heard there's going to be a lot of cicadas this year. Do not want.

    What? That's so weird. People are weird. Get him lots and lots of paper then. :p

    I worked and just hung out with friends :D Went home for mother's day dinner. How was your weekend? :D
    We both deserve a vacation it seems :p

    Rain. Like. Every day this week. :wreck: But friday yes!! :dance:

    It could go either way honestly. :shrug:

    Ah :\ That must be so stressful :hug:! But that's true, you don't want to rush this! :D

    It'll be here before you know it! :stunned: Oh man. That's such a hard gift to shop for :uhoh: I'm not helping. Sorry!

    Have you heard the new vampire weekend album? :bomb: Also the national's new album comes out in a few weeks and I'm going to die.
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