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Recent content by [Coldplay]Andi

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    Gavin James

    Discovered his music a short time ago. Awesome! The song "Always" is just perfect.
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    [2017-6-16] HDI Arena, Hannover, Germany

    Concert was much better than in Gelsenkirchen. The band was in a good mood. But I was very dissappointed at AOALT. The crowd not really understood that they had to go down and jump up again. That worked in Gelsenkirchen.
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    All I Can Think About Is You

    Amazing song! Reminds me of "No more keeping my feet on the ground".
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    Kaleidoscope EP

    Theo EP isn't released yet, right? Can't order it anywhere.... .
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    Best song of the album. Not as aperfect as the live version due to the fact, that Jonny's guitar is suppressed.
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    Hymn for the Weekend

    As bad as "Princess of China". Holy crap.
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    LP7- "A Head Full Of Dreams"

    Received it a few hours ago from Amazon and heard it now for the first time: worst Coldplay Album. I'm totally disappointed. There are just three songs, which are really amazing: "Everglow", the best song, "Amazing day" and "Up&up" (live version is better). "Hymn of the Weekend" is just as bad...
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    Heard now the live version for the first time: incredible.
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    Where can I hear it? Can anyone post a link please.
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    [2015-11-21] TIDALXCOLDPLAY Presented by KROQ (Tonight 20:30 LA, 04:30 UK)

    Up&up is just amazing. Beautiful song.
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    #AOAL - Please post your review

    Not their best song, not their worst. This song must grow on me.
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    New song Of Chris Martin -Gone But Not F. Cotton

    Just beautiful. That's Coldplay. :x&y:
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    Coldplay & Rihanna to perform at Grammys 2015? (rumor)

    Please not. PoC is the worst song by Coldplay. Don't repeat this f******* mistake with this woman... .
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    Secret message in Booklet?!?

    Ok, it seems, that this was just a secret message for me ;)