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  • A fangirl's wet dream so to say LOL :awesome::drunk:

    HAHAH!! :lol: Imagine a bunch of people were crafting the guitar prior the concert, and then some troll writes "buckin" or doodles a tiny penis on there somewhere without anybody else noticing :|

    I know right? UUuugh it's sooo annoying :dead:

    OMG that's so awesome ahahah! I saw it travelling quite a bit on the youtube videos and on tv, and it also made the people grin because it was such a clever idea! :cheesy:

    Ha yeah! All the fun things you can do prior the gig with your friends to kill the waiting time! And the feeling of utter joy when your stuff gets picked up from a band member and you just stand there and think: "hOLY SHIT MY LIFE" :laugh3:
    Now wouldn't it be fun to craft a massive object (like a guitar lawl) for a Coldplay concert and let it travel towards the stage? HAHAHA :lol:

    My heart still kinda skips a few beats when I think back to the CP concert where I threw the Germany flag into Chris general direction onto the stage and he FUCKN GRABBED AND SWIRLED IT AROUND OMFG :dead:

    Why are Coldplay so awesome I just



    [IMG] (< I loved that pencil that wandered through the crowd is was so cute AW!)

    Straight up into yer faces you pathetic islamists!

    If these pictures are not totally epic and inspiring I don't know what else is. And then I already hear the bad voices saying things like: "Well 2000 people got killed in Africa why is nobody marching for them, huh?"
    Yeah well sorry, Africa is a shit country that doesn't have a democracy and never in their entire history was peaceful. If anything's worthy of mentioning from there is when there goes one day by without anybody getting killed...
    Oh man, I only saw the tv footage and thought: "waIT HOLD UP COEURLI MUST BE IN THERE SOMEWHERE"
    Mum: "wat"
    Me: ".. nothing" :lol:

    To be honest, when people started singing and cheering I got a little bit teary eyed and I was very proud of the French. And the whole spectacle just showed everybody in the world the true character of the French people. If something's up, THEY'RE ON DA STREETZ.
    The footage really had that revolutionary vibe going on, with everybody swinging their flags around and holding up all kinds of banners. My mum and I just sat there like :wacky:
    We also have friends in France, and my mum called them and asked them if it was real that in almost every bigger city people went on the streets and the friends were like "If we weren't living in this tiny town we'd sure ass hell join these people!" :lol:

    I also didn't get any tix at the first try, too, but look out for a few tickets to appear on the site again! Some people might actually buy a few too many and put them back online.
    Don't loose hope! And good thing with your dad *throws Coldplay karma on him as well*
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