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  • Hi Emma. How are you? Hopefully fine. I hope that you and your family members are not affected by the wild fires. Have a nice week-end.
    I hope that you and your dear ones are all okay. It is really hot in Australia, and all these terrible and spreading bushfires.
    I like your new avatar, but I do seem to recall you referring to Chris as being pasty..... hmmmm :inquisitive:

    I'm just messing with you... I really like it! :D;)
    Well, not really. Chris isn't that ugly to look at :nod:

    I rather like what you did with the blue colours :wacky:
    PHEW man, you really scared me, I feared you'd turn into a fan or something o__o
    Uhh, perhaps you'd like to know about myself

    My name is Diana, nobody actually calls me Dee outside of this forum
    I'm 15, I live in the suburbs of Los Angeles, very close to Hollywood but no I've never seen any movie stars

    I used to be extremely introverted but because I started going back to school recently, I've become much less scared and annoyed by people irl and I'm now actually starting to enjoy their company

    I dunno what hobbies I have, I play the guitar, poorly, I draw quite a bit, and I like to take all sorts of math and technology classes at my junior college. It's interesting stuff and technology is TAKING OVER THE WORLD y'know so

    I'm gonna start playing soccer, pretty excited about that w000 futbol goal yes

    And my music taste, I primarily listen to pop and rock from the '80s and '90s, the cheesier, the better :wacko:
    this is my last.fm if you're interested as to what what entails

    too many and I can't stop buying them. It's relaxing, you can build little replicas of hotels and cities and stuff :disappointed:
    I just googled LARP, never heard of that before. So do you re-enact history or characters from books or :rolleyes4:
    Woah, you replied to me when I send that VM! I never saw it, sorry :sad:

    I know fuck all about electronic and dubstep music :disappointed: but I like to learn about different types of music. Perhaps you can recommend me a few artists/songs, if you have the time :wacko:

    Pokémon! :cheesy: I have memories of teaching myself pixel art and making my own Pokémon creatures on the computer when I was a kid :heart: (I didn't spend very much time playing outside :disappointed:)
    I saw that your avatar used to be a very angry Mudkip, did you draw that ?

    Hahaha that's quite cool, actually!
    I've seen people on the internet who buy these super-expensive dolls and pay a fortune to buy clothes and hair for them, I'd much rather spend hundreds of dollars on real clothes hah
    I do 'collect' Legos though :wacky: I guess it counts as collecting because I have
    Hola Emma!
    Thanks for reporting the spammer. :kiss:
    Just a quick visit here because of your report... need to continue working...
    Have a nice evening hun! :hug:
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