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  • yeah definitely next year! I'll hurt someone too if you can't go :p
    that was so badass!! He just climbed it. I was like :shocked3:
    Boo :( you should either move here or they should play free concerts over there :p

    I got to talk to both of them a few times :wacky: They're so so down to earth and nice :D They were talking to people like they'd known them for years. And right after the concert they ran straight into the crowd and signed stuff and took pictures and everything. When we got the picture with Matt he put his arm around me and squeezed tightly!!!!! :freak: And then later we got a picture with both of them and I got to be next to him again :heart: I got their autographs too! But yeah it as really amazing and now I'm obsessed with them and in love with Matt.

    Oh no. That's not good. I won't ask you what's wrong then because I don't want you to think about it. FEEL BETTER :heart::hug: Listen to coldplay? :p Watch live 2003? :lol: Ummm. SMILE I LOVE YOU

    I had to do it in 2 posts :uhoh:
    seriously? That SUCKS!! I'd kill to go to lollapalooza. Especially cause the strokes are playing. :( Sorry twinplet! :hug:! You'll get to go sometime!! :D
    And ah ok it was awesome! I went to the free concert only knowing a couple songs, but after that awesome concert and meeting them I'm so obsessed right now. And I'm in love with Matt. :heart: The concert was so awesome!! They're fantastic live!! And they're SO energetic! Kim never stopped smiling! I uploaded videos and pictures on facebook, you can really tell how energetic they were :D Especially in the videos. Matt even climbed the fucking structure! I was like that's so badass. And I met them cause I won a contest! :dance:
    hah hah. well my friend and i don't have our licenses and she took her brother's car and we went driving, sshhhh :sneaky: we actually went to wawa :awesome:
    hah hah yeah, i'm not sure either and a lot of shit has happened so i don't know what to tell you :p
    hah hah procrastination :heart:
    it sucks here too. and so does school :dozey:. let's run away :wacko:
    i have midterms next week. i have a fucking listening part on my ENGLISH exam!!!! :veryangry2:
    i honestly hate my school so fucking much its unbelievable
    i know, i remember weird details like that :p
    eh, not much. i hate school. so much. :dozey: i kind of did something illegal last night by the way :sneaky:
    umm, what's the last thing i told you about my legs? :thinking:
    how's your junior year coming? anything new? :hug:
    hah hah awesome! :D is the same friend who left for awhile in the summer and you were sad about it? :thinking: i'm not a stalker, i just have a weird memory like that
    hah hah, ish? woo! :D
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