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  • Hi Claire!! nice to meet you too! hope we could do other gigs together!!!! when I come back in London, it would be great to see you! xx
    isn't the LA gig on Tuesday?

    anyway, if he's not there screw him, the others are gonna get all the attention and we're gonna have a great time for sure :wacko:
    :uhoh: he better be there then

    Everytime I took a crazy last minute decision it paid off, so fingers crossed it's like this for you as well :wacky:
    Hi Claire, so are you coming to Graz in the end? I'm quite positive Guy will come as they're recording the Jonathan Ross show two days before, so unless they have something else scheduled for saturday he should be free from Coldplay duties. It would be great for you if you could meet him this time and of course to get to know each other since we missed the chance on past occasions :nice:

    Hope you're having a nice weekend :)
    Well I guess since the date now is close some of the hotels might be already all booked. Hope you find a place where other chicks are staying, if you need help to buy the ticket in advance let me know, I booked mine and I'm gonna pick it up once there, as it seems they take quite a bit to send them out and you can also save the money for shipping and only spend 12€ :)
    Hey Claire, we're staying at the Mariahilf hotel, which is pretty close to the Orpheum :)
    It would be great if you managed to come :D
    I got the magazine today with the little plus, thank you again sooo much :hug:

    If you want I'll try to buy one of the comic books about Apparatjik in Graz, not sure if they will be availble for that date and have no idea how big they will be and how much they will cost, but they might not be available anywhere else apart from their gigs :)
    I would have been hard to find me, I would love to change my username to simply Denise, but it's already taken so I'm stuck with this :p

    Yeah I'm completely recovered, looking forward to the proper album tour now, as much as I enjoyed the festival dates (well..actually, mainly the one in Bilbao), I'm not really a fan of big venues with them, not yet ready for this step it seems :nod:

    At least I don't have this problem with Apparatjik yet :lol:
    Hi Claire, it's Denise from the apparatchick forum, glad to see you here as well, I didn't realise until now you were registered at Cping :nice:
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