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  • I have just sent you a new email - and earlier today I sent you some Wisconsin-related articles in an email. Yesterday I also sent you something.

    Have a nice evening. I am going to bed around 1am - in 10 minutes' time.
    Hi CHUCK,
    How are you?

    I reforwarded an email I had received from ONE yesterday about a gathering with questions and answers - and I thought that you would be the right person to put questions etc. Did you see it? It was sent yesterday, but I have not heard from you.
    Hi CHUCK

    Go to the RIOT in LONDON thread. Troops and water canons have been suggested as means of stopping the rioting and looting. But the troops are in Libya and Afghanistan and the water canons in the Belfast area. And all the policemen are stationed in London tonight, when they are needed in Manchester. I could have told them that. I felt that night one: Birmingham - then they moved to London and violence spread to Bristol, Liverpool and a bit Manchester so logical that rioting would continue in Manchester while the government showed action by ordering 10,000 additional policemen - in London!! Read the last couple of pages in the London thread to follow what has happened. Rudy's college-mate's friend got bruised / bloody and robbed in London. And some know someone whose mother is inside a house with looters outside in the area. Scary stuff indeed.
    Hi CHUCK,
    How are you? I understand that the riots in England has spread to Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester. Very sad indeed - the rioters are destroying the shops in their own neighbourhood causing unemployment to even more people. Madness.
    I assume that you read news in relation to the natural disasters in the relevant threads.

    Read more in my email that I am writing to you in 10 minutes' time.
    Hi CHUCK,

    I have had such a nice week-end. What about you?

    I am going to post in the humanitarian threads now and will also send you an email.
    Hi Chuck,
    Thanks for your email. I hope that the lightning will not be dangerous.
    I have not posted a few more lines (rather than articles) in the thread about the drought in East Africa, and I read your response to earlier articles.

    I do not see Ethiopia as Christian, but a spokesman seems to imply that it is together with Kenya - I understand Kenya.
    U 2. I understand that U2 will end their tour tonight. It will be interesting to hear more about that. I just saw the posts about it being the last concert on this tour in the U2 thread.
    I just saw your reply in one thread. Hahaha - "over the moon the cow jumped". Hahaha

    It is really difficult to understand what she means. Lol

    Thanks for making me laugh - the first time after the dreadful events in Norway.
    Hi CHUCK,

    I have read your latest post in Amendments thread and I find the post very good.

    I saw Sherlock Holmes - a bit delayed because of extra news. No U2 from Sweden SVT1. Instead for 50 minutes NRK was broadcasting on SVT1.

    I am tired so I will go to bed. It is almost midnight here.

    Have a nice Saturday evening.
    Hi CHUCK,

    I see that you are online so I guess that you read my posts in the relevant threads then.

    I have had a nice day. I invited neighbour Elsebeth to shrimps on toast bread, then fish, new potatoes from Ingrid's allotment garden + hollandaise sauce and then a pudding - all that accompanied by lovely White wine.

    Wrote application for a job where I could use my languages (German in particular plus English).

    So good day. Rainy day, but cleared up so nice weather now - even saw glimpses of the sun.
    Some Coldplayer asked the same question and another replied that it was short for the sponsor Tennets.
    Okay - it was the same setlist as at Glastonbury. Guy is from Scotland - so he felt at home and was interviewed. He said that instead of Shiver they would play Cemeteries of London. But they ended up playing Shiver which is a favourite among the Coldplay fans - and Guy already had the support of his family and friends as he was "at home".
    They were performing at the T festival in Scotland where Guy is from.

    I like the entire show!

    So you did not watch it? But I had the feeling that you were online all this time, because I noticed you were online before the delayed show started.
    Hi CHUCK,

    Did you watch Coldplay live? I did and I found it simply great. :awesome:

    Wonderful performance - wonderful melodies. Simply perfect. What do you think?
    Happy Independence Day, Chuck.

    Have a nice evening and Tuesday. I am off to bed very soon (it is 1:30am over here).
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