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  • Hello there,
    I have just replied to one of your mails.
    Sleep tight when you get to it.
    Here the weather seems nice - another nice day with gym tonight.
    Hi CHUCK,

    I hope that you have had a good day. I have: Coffee and 2 glasses of Bailey with a resident in my apartment followed by gym. Have a nice evening and Thursday. I have found no news in relation to natural disasters.
    Good evening (here it is morning).

    I have just sent you some emails. Hope that you have had a nice day.
    To begin with we will buy some water-vacuum cleaners and some moisture absorbers (I am not sure of the word, but it is for removing the moisture / to dry the room) - according to Google translate the last term is dehumidifiers.

    The one mentioning the green roofs (i.a. on garages) also said that water can penetrate concrete walls - in the long run.

    Expensive solutions needed, it seems.
    Since we have had water in the cellar during / following cloud bursts this summer (but not this Saturday) the issue was discussed at the board meaning. One of the participants spoke of "green solutions" such as plants on the roof of the garage (as plants bind the water). The flooding is caused by the torrential water - it is too much for the sewers. If the water was delayed for some hours, therd would not be all these incidents / cases of roads and cellars under water.
    I guess that I must complete the minutes from that meeting - but been distraught by all the politics in relation to the upcoming Danish election on 15.9.11 and the fundraising show. And also following news in relation to the hurricane named Irene.
    Hi CHUCK,

    I am going to bed now - it is 3:30. I fell asleep to some political stuff on TV after the fundraising show - woke up and went online - sent you an email plus posted news here and did a few lounge games. But now I must to bed. Every Teardrop is on now. Goodnight and sleep well when it is bedtime for you. And have a nice Sunday.
    Sounds like a brilliant idea. :sunny:

    I am going to post in the humanitarian threads and then write you an email.
    rumbling still, but the big storm blew past us, not a drop of rain! ETIAW on Al Jazeera tonight, interesting how the anchorman chose that as a test for comparing the Apple Ipod to the Google Galaxy. Anyhow, might be only only briefly, more rumbling coming!
    That seems very promising.

    Always good to get input - and those you have chosen to do so seem well-qualified and to be good people. :thumbsup:
    Hello CHUCK,

    Today has been really great, and I DID go to get my thing back. My shelves arrived and fitted well. So really good day.

    I have been posting in the humanitarian threads (read my posts there).

    I will write an email to you later.
    Hi Chuck,
    How are you? I have had a good and quiet day. Now my bathroom looks great with new paint and all.
    I heard that Pres. Obama will visit the Midwest - but Wisconsin was not mentioned as one of the states that he would visit.
    Hi Chuck,

    I have sent you and a few others a petition called: Tell Mitt Romney that corporations are NOT people. I signed it. Also sent you email plus article.
    Hi Chuck,

    I have been posting here plus sent you a reply to an email plus written you a new mail. Have a pleasant Friday evening and Saturday.
    The LP5 announcement will be at 5:45 Mexico time (and your time, I think).

    It is at 11:45 UK, 6:45 eastern US (and 12:45 my time).

    We will know the LP title (probably Xylo M...) and the artwork.

    Some hope (and know) that it will include new video and single.
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