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  • Hello Larry! Glad you're doing well!!
    Football/soccer here is growing, but I'm unaware of how we're doing in it. I'm very pleased to hear that Germany has reached the final! As a tournament, then this is the best of the best no doubt, but to win the tournament, how many matches are played between opposing teams? Details - no major thing; I'm just curious how it all works.
    I suppose it's wild! I've seen coverage of European football matches on TV, and they look a lot livelier than our American 'football' games - nonstop action from the way it looks!
    Floods - well, the southern part of the state, mainly in the SW corner has been severely flooded (part of the grain belt here for corn and soy.) Here, the soil is very sandy, and the topography prevents any serious flooding (plenty of wetlands to absorb sudden heavy rains, and most towns are well above the rivers in the north. Poor country for crops, but safe in a wet year! (down in the bottomlands, it goes with the territory. Great soil, big floods..) Thunder outside, and storms headed our way just now!
    Here's hoping Germany scores the winning goal!
    -from Chuck.

    First of all thanks for adding me! I'm fine thanks! Don't know if it's a big thing in the US, but Germany has reached the final in this years Euro 2008 football tournament (or soccer how Americans call it). It's absolutely amazing, the atmosphere, the mood of people, celebrating with people from other countries etc. I love it! :nice:

    How are you? Are you affected by the floods? I hope not...

    Have a great weekend!
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