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  • hahahaha there's no way for me to leave this place is like my 2nd home I just wanted to see what's in the site that must no be named and I think is a FAIL they have like 900 members hahahaha, there's no way for me to change this place for the other one... it's quite nerve racking they ask for a kaptcha if u wanna send a PM WTH?? no I can't stand that :\
    hey Chuck I saw u left me a message on the other site and I replied that my herat belongs here not in the site that must no be named :D
    bills suck huh! i'm lucky enough that my parents pay all the bills..
    so maiby i shouldn't complain about life! :lol:
    i'll PM you soon if that's ok :nice: so. is everything else ok? :hug:
    to answer you fron the 'whatareyouthinkingrightnow' thread..
    i think you're a very thoughtful person. i think i'm too.. maiby it's just kind of hard for me to get it of my mind and into the world..
    and about turning the tables. i think that is my biggest challenge.. i try. i really try to let people know how much they are hurting me but i just can't do it in a mean way.. i can't. psychiatrists (i've been to a few cuz of some bad things that have happend to me some years back..) have told me that i need to stand up for myself, yes is a good thing to be nice to everyone but that would make them think i'm letting them walk all over me.. they've told me. which in the end. they end up doing. walking all over me that is. i'm just SO fed up since i came here. cuz all i wanted is to make friends, friends who liked the same thing i did. but all i see here is STUPID FIGHTS about crap that doesn't even matter.. and then i get crapped on for speaking my mind about the issue. also i've seen fake people all around here. talking and talking without thinking for themselfs, agreeing with everyone because they're too scared to speak out.. and then there obviously are the one or 2 idiots that for some unknown reason have a personal problem with me so they feel the need to follow me around every thread i go to or create and say something agressive and mean about what i said, which i wasn't even trying to attack anyone. ever. i hate all the attention they seek and long for.. it's ridiculous, and i know more people think all of this that i'm saying. but they are too scared to say anything cuz of what people might think of them if they defend me or get on my side.. and obviously i'm not just talking about coldplaying its in life in general. i see people like that everywhere i go and it's so sad to see that i'm the only one not following the crowd..
    i don't even know what the hell i'm still doing here.. inthend. this place is SO not what i thought it would be.
    feliz navidad - merry christmas - joyeux noël - bom natal - happy holidays

    :elf: :santa2:

    let the sun shine brigther all next days.
    deja brillar el sol todos los días.

    let your place get full with love and peace.
    deja que tu hogar se llene de amor y paz.

    i hope all your wishes will come true this year.
    espero que todos tus deseos se hagan reales este año.
    hi chuck thank you for saying that my english is beautiful.... lol... is gonna be perfect in a few years.. well take care ok thanks for the comm
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