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  • Gaah sorry how awkward, I meant Argentina :) ok cool because there have been many bad reviews here in Sweden and people are always criticizing Chris's lyrics and the fact that they're singing "ooooh oooh" or "whoaaaa" all the time, haha. It feels like people are upset with the fact that Coldplay "finally" are making an album that's happy and not melancholic or sad, like X&Y that's a bit darker.
    yeah I agree, there is a live version of poc is on youtube when chris sings it but the quality sucks... so, how are the reviews on MX in Chile? here in Sweden it's both good and bad reviews,
    I know it's amazing!! a totally new sound but still some bit of the old stuff! I think "us against the world" reminds me of Parachutes in a way. I also ordered the pop-up, can't wait!!
    And wtf Chris and Rihanna's voices matches really well, what a surprise!
    aaaah omg it's finally out!! any spontaneous reactions? what do you think? any "new" favourites? (P.O.C. was surprisingly good I think!)
    Yeah Charlie Brown is great, and the little part of Up in Flames that I've heard is fantastic as well. Omg yes I was so upset when I first heard that Rihanna was going to be on the album I was like "nooo this is Coldplay's album and it sooo wrong that Rihanna is going to sing the lyrics by Chris!!" and I still kinda feel that way but the song is really good BUT I would have loved it even more without her.
    Cool, good for you that you kind of know what you want to work with :) I have no idea and I have like... 2-3 years left to figure it out before I graduate high school, gaaaah.

    Aaah are you excited for MX (kind of stupid question...)?? Iit's gonna be awesome and there's not that many days left. Do you have any favourite songs yet?
    Whoa, industrial design - that's so cool! So that's something you want to work with in the future? How come you picked that? :D
    Well I actually started my first year at high school about a month ago so everything's quite new to me, but it's exciting.
    And oh, I forgot to tell you but my name's Effie :)
    How awesome, I've never been to Argentina but I would love to! but my mum lived in Chile for a few years as a child so she speaks spanish fluently, it's pretty cool. Do you go to high school or anything like that? :D
    great! :D
    i'm doing great, i was suposed to go out with a friend today -although i didn't want to - because i wanted to stay at home xD and thanks god he texted me to say that he was busy today and he could not go out
    i was so happy:laugh3:
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